Friday, September 23, 2011

Children's Book

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you feel like God is talking directly to you?  It has happened to me on more than one occasion and I have learned that when it does happen to write it down.  One time it happened on a Sunday when I was in the shower and God gave me an idea for a children's book.  As soon as I got out of the shower I started writing.  Now I know that there is not much chance of this ever getting turned into an actual book.  I looked into it once and was amazed at how much it would cost, but I thought I would share it with you just for kicks.

You See Me, I See You

"I know that you can see me, God,
But why can't I see you?
It's so much easier for you up there
Because you can see all I do.
I am trying to believe in you
Because mommy says I should.
But I have to be able to see you, God,
Before I ever could."

"I am all around you," God replied,

"In everything you see.

In all the wonders of the world
You can always find me.
Take a glance outside a bit
And you'll be surprised what you find.
For in every single earthly thing
You'll find me inside.
Watch closely as the robin
Feeds her hungry children in the nest,

Or how the sun rises in the east
And always sets in the west.

Can you hear the sound of water

as it falls from the dark sky?
Or see the wonderful colors
From the rainbow way up high?
Have you ever noticed how the leaves
Change color every fall?
Or watched the clouds change shape

Like it's no trouble at all?

The sound of crickets every night
As you lay down to bed,
And the rooster crow in the morning
As you lift your sleepy head.
Have you ever built a snowman
From the snow I sent to you?
Or had a tree house made from

The oak tree I once grew?

Then when the flowers bloom
At the beginning of spring

Have you ever noticed

All the smiles that they bring?
And when you fall and skin your knee
Your mom comes and hugs you tight.
That's why I made her your mom
Because she makes sure you're alright.
So when you need proof that I exist
Just look all around you and see
That not a day will pass by
Where you won't see me."
"It finally all makes sense, God,
And I am so happy to say it's true.
That everyday I can know
 That you see me, and I see you."

I used images from Google in case anyone is wondering. 


marymakesmusic said...

Oh, I just love this!! I do hope there is a way you can turn this into a book one day... I'm going to share it with my kids.

Mrs. G said...

Thanks so much...that is really encouraging. Maybe one of these days we will have some extra money and I can try to publish it.