Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football Fanatic

Well...Baby G might not be a football fanatic yet, but he did attend his first football game last night.  However, he was probably the only person there that DIDN'T like it when someone scored a touchdown.  All the noise was very upsetting to him.  Let me rewind a bit to before the game where we all gathered at my parents house to have a quick dinner.

Nana had just bought a Christian Kids DVD that the kids loved watching while they played in the living room.
 This is one of my nephews who seems to constantly have a smile on his face....looks like he might have a little leftover spaghetti sauce on his face too, but he doesn't mind.
 This is my oldest niece who is in first grade and growing like a weed.  She has such a sweet spirit and sweet heart.
 And this is the middle child in that group, my second niece who also has a sweet spirit.  In fact, for Halloween she wants to be a Christian or an angel.
 We were able to get the four cousins together for a group photo and amazingly enough they were all looking and smiling (Baby G's is more of a smirk....but that was good considering he wanted to be watching the TV at this time.)
 These two lil girls LOVE their cousin and LOVE showing it......even though Baby G wants to keep his eyes on the TV.
 After picking Mr. G up at work we headed to the football game.  We went through a big rainstorm on the way but once we got there it was beautiful.  The sky was gorgeous, the temperature was perfect, and the kids had a little hill they loved to play on right in front of us.
 Baby G had his touchdown shirt on cheering for his second cousin.  It is my cousin's senior year and I am pretty sure he plays just about every position including quarterback and kicker so it was a fun game to watch.
For the most part Baby G was pretty laid back just enjoying all the chaos going on around him.
 But when the crowd would go nuts cheering Baby G's eyes would get real big and he would start wailing his arms and legs like he was trying to fight people off.
 But put him back in his daddy's arms and he was calmed down again.
 Eventually he started getting sleeping and wanted to try and catch some Zzzz's....but it was just not the environment for that.  At least he could enjoy a good thumb sucking while he laid there.
 Someday Baby G and his cousin will be out rolling down the hill and playing like all the other kids, but this year they preferred to watch more than anything.  This lil guy was perfectly content sitting on his Nana's lap eating his animal cookies.
 Baby G has such a good daddy....Mr. G went down and got Baby G a football from the cheerleaders even though Baby G doesn't have a clue what it is......he can at least stare at the pretty colors.
Before the night was over we were able to get all the cousins (plus a extra redhead) together on the hill for a quick picture.  I am positive all these kids slept good last night because I was worn out just watching them going up and down the hill.  If you are looking for Baby G in this picture you won't find him.....he's finally asleep in his Mama's arms so he'll have to catch the next picture next time.

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