Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Party

This weekend my hubby was in a wedding in town. He had been best friends with the groom from Kindergarten up to high school and it was an honor for him to be in the wedding, however, it made for a long weekend for Baby G. He was a good sport, though, and handled the two late nights really well (rehearsal night and wedding night). After the wedding we headed to the reception where we sat and waited for 3 hours for the wedding party to show up. Luckily, my in-laws and nephew were there to keep us company.

Baby G was dressed in a lil sailor outfit. He is so hot natured that I can't dress him to warm otherwise he throws a fit....but I think he looks pretty happy here.

Here are the two boys dressed for the wedding. They are both so dog on cute. Through out the night they would occasionally look at each other.
Again I must say.....aren't they absolutely adorable!!! I could be a bit bias, I suppose.
Here is Baby G with his Papa all snuggled up. He ended up being pretty chilly at the reception so we had to whip out the good ole blanket to keep Baby G warm.
Here is a 3 generation picture with Mr. G's mom. We had a bit of trouble getting Baby G's attention at this point....he must've been tired of looking at the camera.
I wonder if Baby G was doing it on purpose....just not wanting to look at the camera for his Mama. had to of been on purpose....that lil stinker!!!
I love this picture....just wish Baby G would've been looking at the camera!!!
Yepee!!! I think he's finally looking!!!

Now I must add a lil video of Mr. G. He had to dance into the reception area and let me just add that Mr. G is NOT a dancer....I NOT a he was a nervous wreck about it all day. I personally think that the was the best one of them all, but that could be because he was only drunk on Mt. Dew unlike everybody else. It is kind of hard to see him in the video because people kept standing up in front of me...but you get the gist. I hope you enjoy!!

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