Friday, September 30, 2011

Where's Marley

Where's Waldo Marley???
We have found that there are many times when we will take a picture and somehow Marley will make his way into the background.  See if you can find him in the following pictures.
Ok...this one was easy.

I didn't even notice Marley in this one until Mr. G said something after I had blogged about my cloth diapers.  
 He almost blends right in with the clothes.
He loves to sleep next to or near Baby G every chance he gets.
 Keeping a close eye on things.
 Gotchya on this one.....This is actually Mickey, but it sometimes hard to tell the two a part.
Tummy time is definitely more fun when you have a dog smelling your hair.

There's the sleeping buddies again.
We took this picture of our home to put in a book we made for Baby G and we just noticed that there is a lil black and white face looking back at us through the front door.  
Marley Charley, as we like to call him, is one funny dog and we love having him around....even if he finds his way into all our pictures.

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