Saturday, January 23, 2016

Christmas 2015

 Daddy and Bubby G had gone to see Star Wars together at the movie theater so Miss Sissy G and I decided it would be a good time to bake our cookies for Santa.
 I let her place the cookies on the cookie sheet however she thought they should go.
 She was most definitely having a good time.
 Notice her placement of the cookies.  I tried at one point to spread them out but apparently Santa does not like spread out cookies.....nope....he likes cookies that come out looking like....
 THIS!!!  Perfect according to Sissy G.
 I think I have posted before about the random places I find this little girl sleeping at night.  On this particular night I had to make sure she was breathing because she was sleeping face down in the carpet. 
 That next morning....Christmas Eve....Bubby G and I were getting some food ready for our Christmas get-togethers that day.  He was helping cut the baby bell peppers and was doing a great job.
 Our first stop was Nana and Gampa's.  These two cousins were very anxious to start opening presents.  It's hard for kids to understand why adults would want to eat first and open presents second.
 As usual, Little G was happy no matter what.
 Everyone getting the plates ready.  This is a meal I look forward to all year round.  It's a huge brunch and let me just tell's DELICIOUS!!
 Here's proof.
 Little G cheesin' at his big cousin.
 Two cuties.
 Finally it was time to start opening presents.  Sissy got a baby in a carseat. 
 Bubby and my nephew opening their first presents.
 Moving on to her next gift.
 I absolutely love this picture with the perfect smile on the little man's face and the neat scene of Polar Express in the background.  It's just a classic Christmas picture to me.
 Peppa Pig characters for Sissy G.
 Paw Patrol toy for Bubby.
 Little G was digging into his first gift.
 It seems to be picture after picture of kiddos opening presents.  I guess I could just show you one picture of each kid opening a gift and that would suffice....but it's hard to choose which picture.
 Checking out each other's gifts.
 Its a wonderful time of year...forget the's the family that makes it special.  I would give anything to my other brother and his family there too.
 After Nana and Gampa's we then drove up north to see Grandma and Papa and that whole gang.  Bubby was passed out pretty quickly.
 Sissy, however....never did fall asleep.  She was having a little trouble with her baby and carseat.  Oh...the struggles of a 2-year-old.
 One of my favorite things about driving north to see family is getting to see this giant cross on the way.  It was a beautiful Christmas Eve day and the picture of the cross ahead of us just took my breath away.
 It never gets old driving by this beautiful artwork of what grace is all about.
 Sissy G checking out the pile of gifts when we got there.
 The plan was to eat first but the kids were just too dog-on excited about the gifts....sovGrandma gave in and let them each open one gift.
 My adorable little nephew begging to open just one gift before we eat.
 The first gift Bubby opened was one of this favorite gifts of all...the BatBot.
 Both boys checking out their new toys.
 And the little one with a sword and smile. 
 The adults were forced to eat quickly so the kids could go on with the rest of their gifts.  Actually, the adults ended up just grazing the entire afternoon and don't feel bad for us.
 Happy boy.
 Little G was crawling all around checking out what everyone was doing.
 Grandma helping Sissy with one of her gifts.
 Lost in a world of joy opening present after present.
 Getting to open her biggest gift of all which was a huge doll house.
 Brushing Dora's hair.
 The two littlest ones in matching shirts and checking out Little G's new toy.
 While the kids played with their toys the adults filled their time with playing an old toy....Super Mario Bros.
 Papa reading The Night Before Christmas to all his grandkids.
 I wanted to get a group photo of our three kids in front of their beautiful Christmas tree....but it didn't really work out.
 Sissy was the first to leave.
So why not take the time for a couple individual pictures of these cute boys.
 I love his cheesin'.
 And how he is seriously always smiling.
 Story time.
 Later that night we went to the Christmas Eve service at my in-laws church.  Little G enjoyed standing up and moving around between the chairs during the service.
 These two enjoying the song service.
 My littlest nephew sitting by me at church.  Considering our row had 5 kids all 4 and under....I'd say we kept it pretty calm. 
 Bubby G decided to take some pictures with my phone and he took this one of his Papa with a photobomb by his uncle.
 Love this boy.
 That night Mr. G and I set up the toys for the kiddos.
 And Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk and even left a note for the kids thanking them.
 The next morning we woke up and the kids were ready for even more presents.  The only present Little G wanted at that time was some extra cuddles from his Dad.
 Ripping open some gifts.
 Playing with all their new toys.
 Little G chillin' by dad.
 Sissy excited about her new Captain America mask.
 A new indoor basketball goal for Bubby.
 Little G was just trying to keep up.
 Diggin in for more.
 Sissy wearing her new purse.
 Bubby with his Star Wars gear.
 And Little G crawling all around the madness.
 Sissy opening her stocking.
 Putting on her new necklace.
 Dr. Sissy G is ready for her patients now. 
(Note:  I actually found this Doc McStuffins clinic at the dumpster one's missing a few pieces but for the most part it was in great condition)
 Sissy singing us a special on her new microphone. 
(Note: this microphone only worked for about 6 more hours.  I was not a happy camper)
 Bubby setting up his new toy.
 Sissy making coffee with her new pretend coffee pot.
 Making music.
 Little G enjoying his elephant ride.
 "Yepeeeee....It's Christmas."
 Sitting in his new chair.
 Have I ever mentioned that this boy is always smiling?
 That night we ate at the Chinese restaurant with Nana and Gampa as is tradition.  Little G was getting his first taste of an orange.
And at the end of the night I snapped a neat picture of Gampa showing Sissy the Merry Moon.  (A full moon on Christmas Night)
Talk about a wonderfully blessed Christmas and 2015 as a whole.  We enjoyed Christmas and the entire Christmas season and all the ways of celebrating Jesus' birth and time spent with family. 

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