Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crazy Hair, Prunes, & Fred's Burial

 I'm not sure what gunk this little dude got in his hair....but when he woke up from his nap he had some crazy hair.
 Getting him to sit still long enjoy for a picture was hard....but I think you can tell the craziness well enough.  Crazy hair or not...he was still smiling.
 Time to eat and it was this little dudes lucky day..... We had prunes.  Nothing better in all the world than prune baby food. 
 Okay....well...maybe he's not as excited about the prunes as I thought he would be.
 Scratch that.  Nothing but smiles coming from this prune filled face.
 I'm sad to report the passing of our first fish, Fred. 
 This little guy took it the hardest.  Lots and lots of tears and questions as to why Fred was gone. 
(Note: we did not tell Bubby that most likely the reason that Fred passed away was because Mom neglected to clean his fish bowl for about a month.)
It was heartbreaking to see him crushed it....but in the explanation of everything Mr. G decided to throw in there that Fred needed to be flushed down the toilet for a proper burial.  This was very disturbing to Bubby G but when Sissy came in the bathroom to see what all the commotion was about Bubby explained to her about Fred and then walked over and put him in the potty and flushed him.  It was shocking but it goes to show how quickly kids can move on with things.  Even the tough stuff like losing your pet fish.

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