Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

 We were blessed with the opportunity to spend time with some good friends of ours for New Years Eve.  We didn't make it till midnight but we were at their house way passed this lil guys bedtime.
 At one point I tried to take him in a back bedroom and lay him down.  Since he's used to a crib...this didn't work out well at all.  He was not about to miss all the excitement.
 The kids had set up their chairs to watch some tv.
 They  even  made a fort.
 Around 10:30pm we decided to go ahead and pretend it was the new year.  Sis was excited.
 We found a video on Netflix that let us do our own countdown at anytime we wanted.  They actually had about 6 videos to choose from.  The kids loved counting down so much that we ended up doing all six videos.
 Around 9:00 this boy got a second wind and was goofy and silly the rest of the night.
 Speaking of silly.
 Welcoming the new year in with this cutie.
 Bubby being silly.
 Starting to show signs of being tired.  We ended up making it home around 11:30.  It was a fun night and great way to start 2016
 Bubby was invited to a friends birthday party that just so happened to be on my birthday too.  Bubby informed me right away that he would be going to his friend's birthday instead of mine.  I didn't blame him.  But we were able to go to the friend's party that morning...
 And Bubby G had a blast with some of his school friends...
 And then that night we got to celebrate my birthday at my folks house.  The Big #30.
 It was a wonderful night.
 Sissy liked helping me blow out the candles.
 Nothing better than spending time with family for your birthday.
 My handsome dude....
 He was seeing the reflections in the window and was getting a kick out of it.
 Sissy wanted to sing at church.
 Bubby being goofy during Sunday School.
 Happy Boy.
 Precious Moments.
 More Little G smiles.
 Gotta love her style in clothes.
 Bubby's isn't much better.
 They wanted to all sit down and take pictures together.  You don't have to tell this Mama twice.
  Love these three smiles....
 And these three kiddos so so much.
 Hey....why not wear a tie.
It's been fun helping coach a local girls high school basketball team....and I think the kiddos have enjoyed it too.

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