Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chuck E. Cheese

 I got the "brilliant" idea to load up one evening after basketball practice and go as a family to Chuck E. Cheese.  Bubby G has seen the commercials on tv and has always wanted to go.  He was so excited when we pulled up outside Chuck E. Cheese and he couldn't wait to get inside.  We were able to order pizza for everyone with soft drinks and tokens all for $30.  It wasn't bad for a family of five.  Everyone was excited and having a blast until....
 We saw out of the back corner of the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese himself walk out and head straight to our table.  For everyone else in the restaurant this was a very exciting time.  But for Bubby G...
 It was TERRIBLE. 
"Get me out of here."
"Take me home."
"I don't want to be here anymore."
"Get him away from me."

We were definitely second guessing our decision to take the kids here.
 Luckily, Sissy G and Little G were still happy.
 And they didn't mind the giant mouse.
I was able to explain to Bubby G that the giant mouse was really a man dressed up in a costume.  Bubby's response, "You should only wear a costume when it's Halloween."  Valid point.
 Once the giant mouse was gone then Bubby started to perk up and we all began to have a really good time.
 Daddy/daughter picture. 
 Sissy on her first ride.  Yeah....she didn't like it.
 As soon as Bubby G won his first ticket then the real fun started.  He was having a BLAST.  He ran from game to game excited to play and win more tickets.
 Big girl driver.
 Shooting the ball into the hippo's mouth.
 Getting more tickets.
 Did I mention how excited he was?
 Family fun.
 Shooting hoops.
 Tired baby.
Finishing with another car ride.  All in all, I'd say it was a good family outing.  However, Bubby G says he NEVER wants to go back again. 

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