Sunday, October 4, 2015


 We have been doing weekly bible studies with a couple and it encouraged us to be intentional about planning God into our week.  So Mr. G and I came up with a FBS (Family Bible School).  The plan is to do it once a week and to write it on our calendar just as if it was an event that we were obligated to be at.  We have done three weeks of it so far and the pictures I have below are from the first week.  The kids absolutely love doing FBS and can't wait for it each week.
 I post this sign up when it's time for FBS each week.
 And I post our to-do list on our white board.  Bubby G likes to mark off each thing as we go.
 He was one excited boy.
 This was the science experiment we did.  We poured white vinegar in the bottom of the bottle and had baking soda in the balloon.  We then put the balloon around the mouth of the bottle and let the baking soda pour in.  The reaction was a gas that blew up the balloon.  It completely blew Bubby's mind.
 The next thing we did was draw a rocket on a balloon and tape the balloon to a straw that was on a string.
Then Sissy G got to let the balloon go and as it deflated it shot across the room on the string.  We, of course, had to do this again and again and again.  Each kid getting several turns.

 This naked boy watching in amazement from his seat in the exer-saucer.  I can't remember why he didn't have clothes on.  Oh well...
 Then daddy told the lesson.  This week we talked about Noah's ark and how Noah followed God and did as God commanded him to, even when it seemed crazy to other people.  And we tied that into rockets and how God asks us to blast off into the world to tell others about Jesus.
 The kids sat on the coach listening to their daddy give the lesson.  
 Then they each made a rocket ship using the letters in their name.
Sissy was not in picture mood at this point.
 Our lil diaper boy munching on his fingers while we worked.
 Probably the part that the kids enjoyed the most was the pretend play.  First we all climbed onto Bubby's bunk bed.
Even Marley.
 And this smiley girl.
And we pretended that the bunk bed was actually a rocket ship and that we were going to blast off into outer space.  Bubby was the driver.  Mr. G did the count down and we all pretended to be shaking as we "blasted" into outer space.  The kids thought it was hilarious watching mom and dad be goofy and pretending along with them.  Once we got to outer space, Mr. G turned the lights off and we started pretending to see the moon and the stars and different things.  It was a lot of fun.
Then we moved to mom and dad's room and pretended that our bed was Noah's ark.  And the kids had to hurry up and get all their beanie baby animals up on the ark (aka: our bed) before the rain started.
We have a lot of beanie babies.  The kids were working really hard getting them all on the ark.  Mr. G was in the background making thunder noises saying that the storm was coming and we must hurry.  The kids were giggling while they threw animals on the bed.  It was hilarious.
And don't worry....Marley made it safely on board the ark before the rain started.
Once everyone was on board daddy started flickering the lights to act like lightning and he was making loud thunder noises and rain noises.  Little G's eyes would get real big each time the lights would go off and come back on.
When FBS was over the kids were disappointed.  They didn't want it to end, but I think that's a sign that they enjoyed it.  It was also good for Mr. G and I to be disciplined about having no tv on and putting our phones away and becoming like children again.  Enjoying the little things and watching our children grow in knowledge about God.

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