Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Basketball Game

This past weekend Mr. G, Baby G, and I headed down to Jonesboro, Arkansas to Arkansas State University to watch an old player of mine play basketball.  It was going to be a whirl-wind trip with about a 4 hour drive there to watch the game and then another 4 hour trip back.  But this young lady is worth it. 
 When we first walked into the gym the first thing we saw was the mascot which sent Baby G clinging to his daddy.
 We tried to get a lil closer for a picture but Baby G still wasn't liking this big red dog very much.

 Eventually the mascot was able to get a high-five out of Baby G, but Baby G wasn't too thrilled about it.
 Then we found our seats and sat down to watch the game.
 Well...Mr. G and I watched the game.  Baby G kept his eye on that big red dog.  If you notice in the background of the picture is the mascot walking around and Baby G had his eyes glued on him.
 Then Baby G found his own seat and watched the mascot from there.
 After the big win the arena had some music playing and Baby G just couldn't contain his dance moves.
When Baby G was done dancing we went down to visit with the sweet girl we came to see play.  I think she was very thankful that we came and we were glad we made the trip too.  Looking forward to seeing her play again.

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