Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheese Please!

I was just finishing up making supper and Baby G was antsy to get seated at the dinner table to start eating.  I had already set the table so I sat Baby G up in his chair and told him supper would be ready soon.  Well, apparently Baby G didn't need to wait for me and daddy or the food because he saw exactly what he wanted already out on the table.
He put all the cheese slices from the table onto his plate and then took his fork to try and eat his first piece of cheese. 
He was not very happy when he realized the fork wasn't going to work.  Which I find funny because most of the time while eating he likes to just use his hands and shovel the food in.
He then realized it would maybe help to try and take the plastic off of the cheese.  But when he couldn't get the plastic off....
He went ahead and tried to eat it anyway.  What a goofball.  Luckily, dinner was ready a few minutes later and he was able to eat a plastic free meal....including a Caesar chicken sandwich, green beans, and 1 slice of cheese.

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