Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Aunts Hawaiian Wedding

 My aunt got married this last weekend out at her new house on the lake and when they said it was going to be a Hawaiian theme....they weren't kidding.
 I snapped a quick picture of my dad with the groom as they were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

 What do you think of the flower girls?

 Or should I say....flower dogs???
 Here is my aunt....the bride walking down the aisle with her oldest son escorting her.
 My dad did a great job preaching the wedding.
 Here's my boys enjoying the wedding....of course we had to feed Baby G the whole time to keep him happy.  Right after the ceremony my aunt and her new husband did their first dance.  It was a very beautiful slow dance until all of a sudden the music stopped and when it started again the dance turned into....well....

Take a look for yourselves.  I had no idea my aunt had moves like that.
And then at the very end they walked down to the edge of the deck and jumped in the water.
After the wedding I got another picture of my boys with Grandma B and one of the flower girls.  Baby G wasn't so sure.
We had a wonderful time as a family and
Also ended up with some cute family pictures.

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