Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby G's Tree

In May of 2011 we were getting our garden ready to be planted when we noticed a little maple tree growing right in the middle of our garden.  We were excited because Baby G was due to be born in a few weeks and so we were able to plant the tree in our front yard and call it Baby G's tree.
 It has been just over a year since Baby G was born and this little tree was planted.  With the hot dry summer we've had we were worried that Baby G's tree wasn't going to make it, but Baby G helped in watering the tree on many occasions through out the summer and because of that Baby G's tree is still going strong.  I can't imagine how big the tree and Baby G will be in another year.
 Of course, taking a picture standing by the tree was not what Baby G had in mind as he took off running and giggling.
I sure am crazy about this little fellow!!!!

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