Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bubby's Soccer Tournament 2016

 It had been a fun, but a bit rainy spring for soccer.  Despite the rain and having never played before, Bubby G still had a great time playing.  On Memorial Day they had a big tournament to finish out the season.  It was a single elimination tournament and we were to start our first game at 10am.  If we continued to win then our last game would be at 3.  We were a very young team so we weren't sure what to expect for the tournament.
Memorial Day meant red, white and blue clothes for the little kiddos.
 Yes, even this little one.
 Bubby G gave me the thumbs up and was ready to go. 
The kids played great and ended up winning pretty easily the first game.  Bubby had some great blocks by the opponents goal, but most of all he had a great time.  It was a very hot and sunny day so the little kids were struggling to sit out in the sun.  After the game we rushed back to the van and then headed to Nana and Gampa's house for a Memorial Day lunch.
 We were blessed because my brother's family from Kansas was in town and we got to enjoy some time with them....but not a lot of time because Bubby G had another game at 2. 
 I thought for sure my kids would want to spend that time inside cooling off, but of course they would rather be outside.
 Warming up for his second game of the day.  If they won this game then they would be in the championship game against the undefeated team.
 We did our best to try and stay hydrated.
 Our team seemed a little sluggish because of the heat.
 But towards the end of the game when they were down by two they fought back and tied it up.  We had noticed early on that the other team wasn't substituting their players like they should be and were leaving in the older and better players for the whole game.  This made us fans want to beat the team even more.  Time expired and we were headed into overtime.
 Another six minutes of playing....and we ended up scoring two goals right off the bat and took the win.  Everyone was hot and exhausted but very excited to be in the championship game.
 We got about 15 minutes to get in the shade to try and cool off.  Bubby looks completely wiped out in this picture but he was actually really enjoying himself.  He had no idea why he had a cold washcloth on his neck but he thought it was funny.
 And he wanted to be like his friend who was doing the same thing.  His friend was 6 years old and by far the best player on our team.  Bubby loved trying to be just like him and luckily his friend didn't mind one bit.  After cooling off and rehydrating it was time to head back out in the sun.  I was excited for the championship game but dreading it at the same time.  I had two little kids who were tired of soccer halfway through the first game and here we were entering the third game of the day.  I had no idea how I was going to keep them happy during this third game and honestly, I was feeling pretty tired myself.
 Luckily, some of the other parents helped me out some by taking turns entertaining my kids.
 Little G trying to dribble the soccer ball.
 The picture doesn't do his red face justice.  It was partly from sun and partly from being over heated, but he was a trooper.
 Soaked with cold water to hopefully keep him cool for the last game.
 I had my hands full during the game with the kids so I didn't get a chance to get any pictures but after the game I was able to snap this cute picture of our soccer player.  We lost the championship game by two to a very good and undefeated team.  Our kids still had a blast and we were so proud of them.  Bubby had his Gatorade (which he calls "Croc") and his snack so he was very happy.
 We were then told that there was a short awards ceremony for the first and second place teams. 
 The team and their coaches.  Mr. G was one proud dad.
 Bubby waiting his turn for a medal.
 Proud of my little man.
 And I think he was pretty proud of himself too.
A final team picture with their medals.  It was a wonderful group of kids that made our season great.  The kids learned a lot and had a blast and made new friends.  We were very thankful for every minute of it.

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