Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bubby G Starts Tball

 Bubby was excited to start Tball for the first time.  He hasn't wanted to practice much....he is more into riding his bike and swimming....but he is still very excited to play.
 I figured out pretty quickly that keeping Sissy G out of the dugout might be a chore in and of itself.
 Nothing like being at the ball fields in the summer.
 There is Bubby G coming into the dugout for the first time.  (Sissy G is in there too)
 Bubby G heading to the plate to hit for the first time.  Notice he is taking his glove instead of his bat.  At this point I was thinking maybe we should've made him practice a bit more before the game.
 The first time up to bat he had a great hit and then ran into the outfield.  We finally got him to first base.  After first base he ran to the pitchers mound.
 Finally got him to second base where he then ran back to the pitchers mound. 
 Here he is standing on third and we were asking him if he knew where to run next.  Yep...that's him pointing back to the pitchers mound. 
 With lots of help he made it to home plate and was running back to the dugout.  The cool thing was that after this first time of learning the bases, he never messed up again.  He knew exactly where to go.
 During this time Little G was stealing food from everybody watching the game. 
 Out in the field ready to field some ground balls.
 The coach showing him where to stand and which base to throw the ball to.
 Posing for a picture for mom in between innings.
 On deck
 Every time up to bat he got a great hit.
 The game is over and they are lined up to give high fives to the other team.
 My little baseball cutie.
 Grandma and Papa came down to see Bubby G play his first game.
 The next day we enjoyed some time at the splash pad.
 Daddy's boy.
 How many pictures do I have on here of Sissy G putting on my make-up?  I'm just thankful the mascara isn't all over her entire face.
 Playing dolls in the driveway on a beautiful day.
 We had our 20 week ultrasound recently and our sweet baby #4 is doing great.  Already 10oz and appears to be 100% healthy....Praise God.
 I could be wrong but that sweet cheek appears to have a dimple in it.  Could just be a shadow but it's also not uncommon for our G kids to have some big ole dimples.
 Does it get any sweeter than this?  I was checking on all the kids in the middle of the night and I found where Bubby G had cuddled up with his sister and fell asleep.  I love that they love each other.
 On June 7th we celebrated Bubby G's 5th birthday.  I'm going to do my best not to cry while I type this out.....but I'm still in shock with how quickly this lil dude is growing up.
 His birthday was jammed packed full with every day stuff like our usual Tuesday play date with other families in town and a tball game in the evening.  After the game we headed to Walmart and Bubby got to pick out his own cake.  He wanted a green cake to match Peter Pan.  We had a big birthday party planned for the upcoming weekend but for his actual birthday we just got to spend it as a family.  Here is a fun quote from Bubby on his birthday.
"Mom, don't call me Bubby today, you can just call me The Birthday Boy."
Sissy G wanted to "cheese" for a picture before we cut the cake.

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