Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer Is Here

 Here is our baby bump picture from last week.  Baby seems to really be growing, but it's been 5 weeks since I've seen the doctor so I'm anxious for my appointment Monday to make sure our sweet Baby is doing well.  I'm thinking I'm feeling the baby move but there are no major kicks yet.  The baby feels very low and is already putting lots of pressure on the bladder.  I am about to the halfway point so I'm certain that the pressure on my bladder will just get worse, but that's not a complaint.  I'm just so thankful to get to enjoy another pregnancy and I am thankful for each and every moment.
 We have not had the official first day of summer yet but the weather is definitely saying otherwise.  We are enjoying sunshine and 80 degree weather.  The kids are loving this most of all and are choosing to stay outside pretty much all day and even late into the night. 
 Swimsuits are our typical daily attire at this point.
 Waiting patiently to start the sprinkler and fill up the pool.
 This is Sissy G's favorite riding toy right now.  She has made lots of pretend trips to the grocery store, to her friends house, and grandparent's house, and church.  Busy girl.
 The boys wrestling under the shade tree.
 One kid was having more fun than the other....any guesses on which one?
 Summertime still means naps...especially for Little Lady, our precious new little puppy.
 Summertime means breakfast out on the front porch, still in our jammies.
 Summertime also means our first trip to the splash pad.
 The kids were hesitant at first, especially Bubby G, but after a while they started to really enjoy it.
 I got to sit in our lawn chair and enjoy watching the kids play.
 Little G was brave and loved putting his face right in the water.
 Sissy G enjoyed getting sprayed all over.
 Coming back to tell dad how cold the water was.
 Telling mommy that the water went in her ear.
 This was before he got completely soaked.
 Bubby G liked to act like he was in a video game and would jump over water and go under other parts and around people.  It was hilarious to watch.
 Sissy G chilling by daddy and watching the other kids play.
 Here comes Little G.
 Am I crazy in thinking every single one of his facial expressions is just adorable?
 One of his favorite things to do is have his fingers up next to his mouth.  We aren't real sure why but we find him doing this a lot....especially when he is drinking.
 Flashing mommy his smile.
 His cute lil tummy sticking out.
 Sissy would sit down on a spot that wasn't shooting up water and wait for it to spray her bottom.  This was right after she got sprayed. 
 Trying to sit on another one.
 Keeping an eye on mommy.
 Completely soaked and 100% happy.
 Pretty girl.
 Time to get dried off and head home.
 After the splash pad we picked up some Dominos and went home and had a picnic under our shade tree.
 Everyone look at mom and say "Cheese Pizza."
 The kids had so much fun eating outside.  It was nice because it was still early in the summer and the bugs weren't terrible yet.
 Little G doesn't care where he is as long as he gets pizza.
 It was the first time I didn't cut it up or at least give him a smaller piece.  He hung on to this one piece of pizza everywhere he went in the front yard and would occasionally take a bite.
 My boys.
 Still working on getting the pizza stains out of his white shirt.  But it is worth that sweet smile.
Every time we are outside and a car drives by Little G will instantly raise his hand to wave and says "Hi" to whoever is driving by. 
We are definitely enjoying the beginning of summer and are looking forward to all the fun to come.

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