Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bubby's Preschool Graduation

 We found out a few days before the preschool graduation that Bubby was gonna be doing the prayer.  This was a huge honor and we were very excited for Bubby.....and very proud parents, of course.  But the more Bubby thought on it, the more anxiety he started to feel and he had decided he not only wasn't going to do the prayer, he also wasn't going to go to the graduation.
Fast forward to the day of graduation, Bubby and I were sitting out on the front porch talking. It was one of the sweetest conversations we ever had.
 I warned him that I will probably cry some at his graduation because he is growing up so fast and because I'm very proud of him.
 He assured me that no matter how big he gets that he will always be my little boy.  That he will always give me hugs and kisses.  That just because he's big he will still love me.
And he said, "Tell you what, when I'm older every time I make a silly face you can remember me as a little boy."  I laughed and said that sounded like a good plan.  This boy's heart is about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. 
 We got early to graduation to get a good seat.  And snapped a few posed pictures.
 I can't believe how big he is.
 Some parents worked really hard on the decorations and did an amazing job.
 Bubby standing next to his silhouette. 
 We had a whole row of family there to see Bubby graduate.  Two faces that were sorely missed, though, were Mr. G and Sissy G.  We had heard the day before that six kids had not been at preschool because of the stomach flu and then another little girl left the school sick.  Terrible news.  So far my kids weren't showing any signs of being sick but a few hours before graduation, Sissy all of sudden got clammy and pale.  Next thing I knew she was puking.  UGH.  Mr. G volunteered to stay home with her as long as I videoed the ceremony. 
 It was time to begin and the kids walked in waving to all their family.
 And continued to wave once they got on stage.
 Big goofy waves from Bubby G.
 And then a few sweet smiles.
 We were shocked that despite the stomach flu, every student was able to make it to the graduation.  This was the first song of the evening, but unfortunately, the little girl on the far left didn't make it through the entire song before puking all over the stage.  Another kid also left puking.  It was a ceremony to remember.

Click on the link below to hear Bubby's prayer at graduation.  On the way to the graduation he had told me he was going to go ahead and do the prayer and that he was going to do his very best.  And boy did he deliver.  I couldn't of been more proud of him.  You couldn't even tell he was nervous.  He spoke like a pro.  He had told me before hand that he was going to thank God for his great classmates and teachers and for his beautiful faith.  Those didn't make the actual prayer but it was still super sweet and amazing.  Way to go, Bud.

Bubby G's Prayer at Graduation

 After hearing the kids sing songs and recite scripture, it was then time to officially graduate these kiddos.  They put on their caps.
 Bubby wasn't too sure about his tassle.
 He sure looked cute as a graduate.
 His entire graduating class.
 His teachers talked a bit about Bubby and told some of Bubby's favorite things.  When asked what he wants to learn in kindergarten he said "hard stuff."  When asked what he enjoys playing the most he said that he enjoys playing dress-up with Sissy.  He is superman, she is super girl, and Little G is super baby.
 So proud of my little man. 
After his turn getting his diploma he got to come sit on my lap.  He was very proud of himself....full of smiles.
 Here is a picture of the cake and Bubby was on the front row.
 One more picture but this time with his graduation cap.
Enjoying some post graduation cake.
 Here's a picture with Bubby and one of his good friends and next door neighbor.  These two goofballs have mastered the term, "Big Head."  Typical boys.
 Just a tad goofy.
 Bubby giving one of his teachers a big hug before he left.  She was a big part of his wonderful experience at school.  We weren't able to get a picture with his main teacher, but luckily, Bubby will get to continue a relationship with her as he grows up because she is a part of my mom and dad's church.  She is a sweet lady who has done so much for Bubby.
 Once we got home Bubby told his dad all about it and showed him the videos....which Mr. G bawled with pride as he watched.  And then Bubby got to open his graduation present.  It was a spiderman sprinkler. 
 It was a wonderful ceremony to celebrate lots of great little people and all the amazing people who have poured into their lives.  Bubby has a wonderful future ahead of him.  It will be fun to watch and exciting to be a part of. 

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