Friday, May 13, 2016

Keeping It Real

 Today's post has lots of random pictures of our every day stuff.  I enjoy posts like this because these are the ones that when I get back on the blog to see old posts I see these pictures and I'm certain those memories would've been forgotten if I hadn't of written them down.  They aren't like the big monumental moments of your kids' life.  It's the moments that happen daily but are still special and still things I want to remember.  This picture was taken one morning as all three kiddos were enjoying the bin of Legos.  I don't get this bin out as often as I probably should because these guys absolutely love building towers.
 Goofy Sissy G made a special drink made of playdough and a hidden spider at the bottom.
 Nothing like waking up in the morning with a dog on your head. 
 I couldn't believe it when I saw Little G eating an orange.....the entire orange.  He ate it just like an apple.  BLAH!!!
 This dress was in fact my dress from when I was a flower girl at about age four.  It is the only outfit I have from when I was little.  Not really the style anymore but it was fun for Sissy to twirl in for a bit. 
 Our pantry is definitely not organized correctly.  We keep the boxes of cereal to low to where Little G can get a hold of them and then it leads to the entire box being poured on the ground.  I'm gonna have to get that fixed sometime soon.
 Chowing down with a spoon.
 He was working really hard to get every last bite of his cottage cheese off his plate. 
 While Bubby G was at Tball practice with dad, I took the two littles with me to do a quick errand.  They were excited to see the shopping carts they were gonna get to ride in. 
 After our trip to the store we came back in time to catch the end of Bubby G's practice.  I can't wait for that first game. 
 Going for a morning walk.  It was a beautiful morning and a wonderful time.
 Shopping for a mother's day shirt and Sissy says, "Hey, Mom...Dis my new fwend."
 Conked out little cutie.
 I'm always about a week behind in my posting of the baby bump.  I'm 16 weeks now but it sure is fun doing these pictures with my little girl.  And the photographer is always Bubby G so it makes for a fun experience.  He takes close to 50 pictures before we finally get one where we are both looking, not blurry, and our head makes it in the picture.  Fun times.
 Fell asleep watching the Food Network with Mama.
 Going barefoot through the puddles in the street.
 His ornery grin is always so cute.
 Mommy must've been cracking him up.
 This was her superhero face under her Captain America mask. 
 Wearing mommy's hat.
 This was a very special morning.  The kids working on their crafts and I was able to get in some special Bible reading time. 
 A precious smile from little man while he plays one of his favorite toys at Nana and Gampa's house.
 Wearing her cousin's glasses.  Such a sweetheart.
 The boys... each one year old in this picture and wearing the same shirt.  You can definitely tell they are brothers.
 And then you have these two.  Same face and same age.  Cracking me up.
 Love this precious smile and the story that goes with it.  I was in my room folding a pile of laundry when I hear Bubby G yell out, "MOM!"  Usually what follows this loud "MOM" is "I'm hungry."  But this time after I asked him what he needed he said, "Will you cuddle with me?"  So I right away walked away from the pile of laundry and headed to the couch to cuddle with my almost five year old.  Special moments that I'm cherishing the older he gets, because those times of him wanting to cuddle are getting less and less.
 My laundry helper.
 Bubby decided to make something out of a cardboard box we had in the garage.  He ended up making it into a dog bed for Marley.
 He made a door and two windows and filled it with blankets and dog food and dog biscuits....then he held the door open and waited patiently for Marley to go in.  Needless to say, Marley was a tad bit nervous about this contraption that Bubby made.  He would quickly go in to get a treat and then run back out. 
 Poor baby had no idea that one of Sissy's sandals had gotten stuck to his diaper.  Darn velcro.
 It isn't very often that I get a picture of Little G asleep in his crib.  Usually as soon as anyone walks in the room he will wake right up but this time I was able to sneak in and snap a couple cute pictures.
 Nothing sweeter in all the world than a sleeping baby.  He is still technically a baby, right?  Don't tell me otherwise if he's not.  I couldn't handle that.
 Sucker time while we were strolling through the new Wal-Mart in town.
 I love the moments when I can get a picture of the older two helping their little brother.  It is special to me to see them getting along so well.
 Bubby's birthday is just around the corner and he was able to coax Nana into an early birthday present.  A Nintendo DS... and oh my goodness was he excited.  I have never heard the words, "Oh, I just died," as much as I have since getting his DS.
 Sissy needed her coat on yesterday morning because there was snow on the tv show she was watching.
Sissy got an early birthday present from her Nana too....a brand new bike.  And to try it out, you have to have the right attire on....meaning...high heal shoes, your nightgown, a coat in 80 degree weather, and glasses.

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