Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sissy and Her Silly Outfits

First this little guy got sick.  It was just a fever that lasted about a day and it seemed to be just a virus and no big deal.  The next day he was much better.
But the next thing I knew, this little guy was acting lethargic and feeling warm.
That night he got worse and the next morning was Sunday but I knew me and this little guy wouldn't be going to church with the others.  Instead I took him to the clinic to get checked out.  His fever had reached above 103 and he was absolutely miserable.  I couldn't get him to eat but thankfully he was willing to drink water and milk.
 You could tell by his eyes he wasn't feeling good. 
 The clinic did a strep test and it came back positive.  They also said along with strep he also had an ear infection.  This was Little G's first time ever being sick.  It seems like it takes a few months after nursing for that immunity to leave their system and then he is just as susceptible to get what all the other kids are getting.
 We started him on an antibiotic and was rotating between Tylenol and motrin to help with the fever and the pain.  Bad news was that he didn't like the medicine and would gag and spit it out and squirm all around in order to not let us get the medicine in his mouth.  It's been a nightmare.  And truthfully, he's not showing as much of an improvement as I would like.  But I know strep is pretty hard on kiddos and it will take time.
 Sissy G is very big into clothes, and specifically dresses, and twirling, and "swim costumes" (swim suits), and changing her outfit all the time.
 This outfit is a "swim costume," as Sissy calls it.  And, yes, it is backwards and inside out. 
 Next outfit she put on even had some high heels to go with it. 
 One of the pros of being pregnant and living close to a Dairy Queen is getting blizzards often.  I think Mr. G likes it too.  This is one of our many impromptu stops at the Dairy Queen drive thru.
 Craft time.  The kiddos were working on Mother's Day cards for their Grandma and Nana.
 Hard at work painting.  Notice the tongue sticking out while he works.  That is definitely a trait that runs in my family.
 I had not heard any noise from Little G for a bit and quickly found him hiding in a corner eating on a crayon.
 Guilty grin.
 Sissy hard at work on her card.
 As we were finishing up I got a special delivery from the hubby.  A bouquet of flowers as an early Mother's Day present. 
 This picture was actually taken several days before Little G got sick.  He was getting some special snuggles from his great-grandma Mozzie
 Check out the comparison in this picture.  Even though I think Little G looks more like Sissy did at that age, there is definitely a big resemblance between these two brothers.  Bubby G was about 2 in his picture in Little G was 14 months. 
 This is the look Little G gives me when he wants a bite of something.  He also is good about signing the word for "more," but most of the time I get this huge open mouth look.
 Pretty little girl in one of the dresses she had picked out for the day.  I told her she looked beautiful and she responded by.....
Bowing.  Not quite the response I was looking for.

 Here is another of Sissy G's special outfits.  Its a swim top with a non-matching swim bottom and pretend work goggles.
She then insisted on going swimming so since it was too cold outside, I ran some bath water and let her swim.  But when I asked her to put her face in the water she put her hands in the water and rubbed it on her face.  I guess that would make more sense than actually dunking your face in the water.  I sure do love this goofy girl and every silly outfit she puts on.  It's a fun little stage she's in.

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