Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Library and Dairy Farm

 With moving as much as we have, we have had a chance to see several different libraries.  The last town we were in didn't have much to offer for kids in the town library so I was hoping this new library would be a little better.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They had a specific kid area with lots of creative play toys. 
 Sissy's favorite toy was this big dog that sat in the pretend fire truck.
 Little G was hard at work....
 Looking like such a big boy sitting in that chair.
 Pretty sure the dog was supposed to stay in the firetruck....but Sissy thought it needed to go for a walk.
 So many books to choose from.
 Bubby G got to play on the library IPAD and do several different educational games.
 Sissy enjoyed the IPAD too.
 Lego time.
 Building blocks.
 Goofy little boy.
 Not sure what these nifty little stacking blocks were called but the kiddos enjoyed them.  Not only were there lots of things for the kids to do, there was also tons of resources for homeschooling which made this future homeschooling Mama very happy and excited.
I was getting my make-up on the next morning and as usual I had a little mini-me wanting to put her make-up on too.
Beautiful!!  This is the brown eye shadow streak look.  It's technically not in style yet, but who knows....it could be the "in" thing soon.
 Going shopping as a family on a laid back Saturday and it's pictures like this that make me feel so blessed.  All three kids wanting to hold hands while we walk through the store.  It took us forever to make it through the store but it was neat watching them work together and helping each other out.
 Hitting the road.
 We are very blessed to have a kid-friendly road in front of our house with very little traffic.  The kids have been getting lots of bike riding in. 
 Little G prefers to walk at this point.
 My 13 week baby-bump picture.  I had a little girl who wanted to show her baby bump too.  It's fun sharing this experience with her. 
 Sunday after church the kids enjoyed pretending to be church leaders.  It was pretty sweet to watch.
 Whoopsie....by the look on her face it appears she didn't want me taking her picture while she watered my flowers.
 Sorry, Charlie.... I'm a picture freak and like to catch every little moment.
 You wouldn't know it with our sixty degree weather the last few days but a week ago the kiddos were excited that we got a new blow up pool to start swimming in.  That was back in the day when it was 80.  I sure hope we get there again soon. 
 A sweet friend of mine heard that Bubby G was in a big Peter Pan phase and she hand-made him this Peter Pan hat.  So far he has not taken it off.  Not to sleep, not for soccer practice, not ever.
 Her choice of bed for the night was the coffee table.  Whatever floats your boat.
 Our homeschool group had a fun day planned at a dairy farm and a goat farm.  Our kids are about the biggest animal lovers ever, so they were beyond excited.
 First we got to spend some time with the calves. 
 Little G was giggling and cackling.  Looks like he will be an animal lover too just like his older siblings.
 Bubby G getting a chance to feed a calf.
 Good job, big boy!!
 Sissy got a turn but all the calves were running away from her so she never actually got to feed one.
 No fear.  He was all about petting the calves.
 Sissy too.
 Getting a little close there, Sis.
 Eeeeeeek.  They wouldn't eat from the bottle when she had it, and now they are trying to eat her face.  Blah.  Although, Sissy thought it was the funniest thing.
 The cow was eyeing another face to lick....but I kept him more at a distance.
 He loved the calves.
 Wow!  That tongue was really reaching for him.
 Mind you, most of the other kids were keeping somewhat of a distance from the calves.  Obviously, my kids wanted as much petting in as possible. 
 Sissy G's arm got a big old lick and she was cracking up.
 Picture of the blob of cow slobber on her arm before I got out the wet wipes. 
 Then we got to walk over to see the big Mama cows. 
 The cows were lucky that fence was keeping these two from getting to them.
 There is a story behind this picture.  Around a corner and down a small little opening sat this humongous cow.  The picture does not do justice for just how huge this cow was.  The opening was plenty big for little Sissy G to walk right up to that cow and try to pet it on the head.  Absolutely zero fear in this girl.  I look over and see her in the cage with this monstrous cow and I flipped.  She thought nothing of it.  I snapped a quick picture and then quickly pulled her away from the cow.  Eventually, my heart rate returned to normal.
 The kids got a close look at where the cows get milked.
 Posing for a picture.
 Pointing to the big cows with her cute little grin.
 After the dairy farm we drove about a mile over to a goat farm.
 This was my attempt at a group photo of all three kids.  Major fail.
 The owner brought out a baby goat for the kids to pet. 
 Little G walking around flashing his smile at all the girls.
 Pointing to the goats. 
 Little cutie.
 Bubby G was running alongside the group of goats as they ran from one cage to an open field.
 He was in heaven.
 Having a blast.
 Sissy getting a chance to pet the goats.
 Little G grabbing all the little girl's attention.
 Getting to sit in this neat flying contraption and honk the horn.
It was such a wonderful and relaxed morning on the farm and out in the country.  We finished it with a picnic in the back.  While everyone was eating a group of the kids were swinging on a large tire swing.  I was standing near the swing when someone yelled out "SNAKE!"
I've seen snakes before and I've never liked them.  But I have never seen a snake this big outside of a zoo.  It was a huge rat snake and it was crawling right under the tire swing that Bubby G was on.  I obviously freaked out and yelled for Bubby to run.  And he did.  The only issue was he ran straight toward the snake.  Did I mention my kids have no fear of animals.  This caused a major freak out by me.  Does he not realize you run AWAY from snakes....not TOWARD snakes.  The snake quickly made it's way up the tree that the tire swing was attached too.  From a distance I took a picture of this guy chopping off the head of the snake.  Let me just say that I did not enjoy myself for the rest of the picnic.  Sissy G was walking around barefoot in the tall grass and Bubby was wanting right back on that tire swing.  Needless to say, we were the first family to leave.  I love country living, but only the type of country living that has zero snakes.  Snakes I cannot handle. 

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