Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bubby's First Soccer Game

 Bubby G was learning the letter W last week at preschool and so on Wednesday they were too dress Wacky.  This is as wacky as Bubby wanted to get....he just turned his shirt around backwards, but he thought it was the greatest thing ever.
 Little G ready to grill out at Nana and Gampa's house.
 Bubby came home from Wacky Wednesday with Whiskers.  They were adorable but it took me several days to convince him to take them off.
 First bike ride of the year.
 Letting HoneyLemon enjoy some sunshine.
 And a carrot.
 Little G was enjoying some spaghetti O's and the older two were playing playdough. 
 The animal that Bubby made from his playdough....I think it was maybe a crab.
 Spaghetti O face.
 Enjoying the sunshine as the temps were finally above 70 consistently. 
 I love this lil man's smile.
 This was not only Bubby's first soccer game, it was also our first organized sporting event as a family.  Bubby could not have been more excited. 
 Hanging out waiting for Bubby's game to start.
 Bubby G practicing with his teammates before the game.
 Sissy wanted to play too.  She had picked out a dress for this day and was wishing she had wore her soccer clothes instead.
 Pep talk from the coaches.  Notice number 6, Bubby G, he was so into it. 
 Bubby sitting on the bench waiting for his turn to go in.
 Playing defense.
 Watching Big Bro play.
 This was great timing.  Number 4 on orange is by far our best player.  He's a couple years older than Bubby G and he reared back and kicked it really hard....but it nailed Bubby right in the gut.  It totally knocked the wind out of him.  Bubby cried and went to the bench but was tough and quickly came back in.  I was very proud of him.
 Cheering Bubby on while he enjoys his snacks.
 GO #6
 Funny action shot of dad and Bubby.
 Trying to keep the other team from scoring.
 Half time.
 Little girl was getting pretty tired of sitting and watching. 
 Trying to keep the two littles occupied during the game.
 Game was over and Bubby did great.  We were very proud of his aggressiveness and the fact that he had so much fun. 
 After the soccer game we headed up north for our nephews birthday.  He loved the Paw Patrol plane we got him.
 Sunday afternoon enjoying the sun with dad.
 Ready for Sunday night church.  Of course, wearing a Sissy G special with one of dad's socks on one of her legs. 
 He looks so grown up.
 Last week I was 12 weeks along.  The last few days I feel like I've been feeling some flutters.  I'm excited for the morning sickness to be over and for the little kicks and punches to start.
 Little G walking the dog.
 What do you do when you have a car that only fits one, but all three kids want in it?
 They had a blast trying to figure out a way to fit everyone.
 Lots and lots of giggles.
 Check out this doughnut Nana brought for the kids.  Sissy enjoyed every bit of that icing.
 The girl cousins building a human tower.
Yesterday, Bubby G wasn't wanting to take a nap.  Which he is getting close to growing out of the nap stage, but apparently he was more tired than he thought.  He ended up conking out under his chair.  So sweet.  I love the fun memories of every day life.

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