Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easter 2016 & Another Move

 Easter for us started the day before up north with family.  The kids all enjoyed opening their Easter presents from their Grandma and Papa.
 Lots of happy faces.
 Sissy G checking out her new stuffed chameleon. 
 Bubby G enjoyed playing with his cousin's toys, especially this walking dinosaur. 
 Little G showing off his walking skills all over the place.
 Easter egg hunt time. 
 It was too muddy to do the hunt outside (or so the Easter bunny said), so the kids were stuck inside but didn't seem to mind one bit.
 The eggs looked like balls to Little G, which made him very happy.
 Playing the hot and cold game to find the last few eggs.
 Happy Little G.
 Little girl proud of her basket full of eggs.
 Back at home that night, Bubby wanted to take pictures with me. 
 You can't take pictures with a four year old and not get a little bit goofy.
 And apparently the goofiness is contagious.  After Bubby G saw this picture....
 He wanted to act like he was eating me too.  He is at such a fun age and I'm enjoying every bit of it.
 I remember vividly the Saturday nights of wearing rollers so I could wake up Sunday morning with curls.  I decided to pass on that tradition for Sissy G on the night before Easter.  I was worried how she would do with the curlers, especially sleeping in them.  But she LOVED the curlers and didn't ever want to take them out.
 After the kids went to bed, the Easter bunny showed up and left a few gifts for the kiddos.
 Little G was still asleep when the oldest two woke up so they got a look at their goodies first.
 And they were very happy.  Sissy G had gone with me a week before to get all of these things and she has been waiting for that pillow she is holding.  She would mention it daily and wonder when the Easter bunny was gonna bring it to her house.  Next year I'm gonna have to do this shopping without her along.
 This girly girl is also part Tom-boy and loves the fact that she got trains from the Easter bunny.
 Once Little G woke up he was sat down in front of his stash.
But was obviously still half asleep.
 Little man in his cute pajamas and bottle of milk.  I love this precious stare....
 But his big happy grin is even better. 
 Heading into church in her Easter dress and new light up high heel shoes.
 Easter picture 2016.  Dressed in their finest and looking pretty dog-on cute if you ask me.
 Precious little girl.
 Precious little boy.
 Precious not-so-little boy.
 After church we headed to Nana and Gampa's for a wonderful meal and another Easter egg hunt.  The kids were at the door ready to go.
 They were finally given the green light.  Let the hunt begin.
 Bubby had just fallen into the bush trying to grab an egg.  I think the excitement got the best of him.
 Sissy G had wanted to change her clothes right before the hunt and was lagging a bit behind the others.
 But she quickly caught up and starting saying "I got an egg.  I got an egg.  I got an egg."  She was excited too.
 And lagging even further behind was Little G with his Daddy as a helper.  He caught on quickly to throw the eggs in the basket.
 Finding eggs right and left.
 Always smiling.
 Looking for more.
 Throwing more eggs in the basket.
 Boppy outside checking out the action.
 A picture of a few of the girls.
 After the hunt the kids were ready for a golf cart ride. 
 And then we came back inside and the kids enjoyed building towers with blocks.
 Over the last few weeks we've dealt with some sick kiddos.  Never a fun part of being a parent.  I think a big part of it for this little guy was the molars coming through in the back of his mouth.  They looked miserable.
 Sissy has started working on her splits and has done really well. 
 We made our first trip to IKEA in St. Louis and the kids posed for a quick picture outside.  It was a neat experience but also very overwhelming....especially with the kiddos tagging alone.  But we had a blast and will be going back.
 I will actually be 12 weeks tomorrow and I'm still battling the morning sickness and fatigue but I am excited to see my belly starting to pop out again. 
 I can't get enough of this big smile.  I'm blessed because he flashes it my way all the time.
 A month ago we were given a notice by our landlord that we needed to be out of the house soon because he had other plans for the property.  This sent us on a house search again.  We aren't ready to buy so we were looking for another rental.  One that was a good price and that could fit a family of six.  God spent no time finding us the perfect place.  We are changing towns but are excited about our new residence.  Mr. G enjoyed putting together the entertainment center we got from IKEA and putting his new t.v. on it.  He was very proud of himself.
 Bubby also got signed up for his first organized sport.  He will be playing soccer for the next several weeks.  This picture was taken at the first practice with his new shin guards and soccer cleats.  He was an excited little boy.
 This is a picture that Bubby drew of him playing soccer that night after his practice.
 Wore out kiddos.
 I love that food makes this little one year old so happy. 
 Smile after smile after smile. 
 So sweet.  I love his little personality.
Once things were packed we loaded up our stuff and hit the road for our new place.  Marley was glad to be going with us.  Life is an adventure.

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