Monday, June 27, 2016

Swing Set

 Grandma and Papa had bought Bubby G and Sissy G a new swing set for their backyard for their birthday.  They had ordered it through Wal-Mart and so we went and picked it up a couple days before their birthday party.
 With Grandma and Papa living up north and Mr. G having to work, it ended up being Gampa who came to put the swing set together.  In the shade it wasn't too awfully hot and Gampa believed that it would take 1 hour to read and understand the instructions and 2 hours to put the swing set together (3 hours if the kids helped)
 Gampa ended up with lots.....
 And lots of help.
While Gampa was looking through all the materials in the box, Sissy G decided to walk through it all.
 And then found herself a nice comfortable seat.
 Working with Gampa's screwdriver.
 Helping Gampa read the instructions.
 Popping the bubble wrap that many of the pieces came in.
 Gampa was hard at work getting the legs of the swing set up while the kids enjoyed looking through the open holes at each other.
 Of course, Sissy had to do it too.
 After lots and lots and lots of muscle and sweat and hard work....we finally got the trampoline together.  Here is Sissy taking one of the first jumps off of it.
 Cute smile from a little guy who just woke up and was enjoying some chips in the sun while the swing set was still being worked on.
 After about 5-6 hours of work, Gampa had most of the swing set done.  We were just missing the glider and the slide but we needed to take a break and work on that another day. 
 That night, after dinner, the kids came out and enjoyed the swing set.
 They enjoyed laying down and getting pushed in the saucer most of all.
 All three kiddos having a blast.
 Love love love the smiles on their faces.
 So then I decided to lay in it myself, which the kiddos thought was hilarious.
While the kids ran around catching fireflies, I enjoyed sitting in the saucer and staring up at the sky.  You can see the sliver of the moon in the distance and even the blurred image of a lightning bug that the kids had just let go.  I absolutely love summer nights and having a swing set will make our summer even more fun.

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