Monday, June 27, 2016

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Birthday Party

 The day before and day of the party was a bit crazy.  We had to wait till we got paid on Friday before we bought all we needed for the party that was on Saturday.  Which meant there was a lot to do in a short amount of time.  Including all the decorations and food. 
 I also had to go pick up the cake for the party.  A friend of mine made the cake and on the way home from her country house I saw this little turtle in the road.  I decided to pick him up and take him home to show the kids.  We were then going to release the turtle into Carlyle Lake where we were having the party. 
 The kids absolutely loved the turtle and enjoyed spending time with the turtle while Mr. G and I finished up some last minute stuff.
 The cake turned out really cute.  My friend did a great job and the kids loved it. 

 After lots of ideas and changing his mind over and over again, Bubby finally decided he wanted a Peter Pan party which was perfect since Sissy loved Tinkerbell.  And that made Little G as Mr. Smee.  
 You can tell they were thrilled to have to be taking pictures before their party.
 There we least they were both looking at me.
 One more shot of the cake.  It now has Peter Pan in it and a few finger prints (Thank you Sissy G)
 Little G enjoying the party before it even began.
 When Nana got their Bubby and Sissy went with her to the lake and let the turtle go.  It was an exciting time for the kids.
 The pirate ship watermelon my dad made.  Sorry the pictures are so dark.  The party was under a pavilion out at the lake and some of my pictures turned out really dark.
 Tinkerbell with her fairy wings. 
 We had fairy wings for the girls and swords for the boys.  I also had photo albums of some of the best moments of the kids in the last year. are probably tired of seeing cake pictures.
 Little G kept stealing all the swords.
 Sissy telling her guests where they can put her presents.
 This picture cracks me up.  You have the boys on one side with their swords pretending to fight the pirates.  Then on the other side you have the girls with their fairy wings.  And you have Sissy, right in the middle...with her fairy wings and sword and wanting to do both.  She's my perfect little tomboy/girlie-girl.  She wants the best of both worlds.
 The kids had a blast playing.
 Even Little G got into the sword fighting.
 Getting ready to eat some food.  Mr. G grilled out hotdogs and hamburgers and we had all the fixin's. 
 Bubby with some of his friends and his cousin.
 Enjoying some watermelon.
 Sweaty and having a blast.
 Don't you love the high-heel shoes she chose for her party. 
 Playing with some of the figures from her cake.
 She has the most amazing imagination.
 Pretty girl.
 And....Goofy girl.
 Time to open presents.  This was the most chaotic part of the whole party.  I should've had a better way of doing things but all the kids surrounded the gift table and Bubby and Sissy tore into their gifts.  One right after another.  
 It wasn't easy to get in between the kids to get pictures of the birthday boy and girl.
 And the kids had lots of help opening their gifts.
 They loved every minute of it.
 You can see Sissy standing on the picnic table looking for more gifts.
 The boys all crowding around to see the Legos that Bubby got.
 Then we had just one gift left and it was the one with all the circles and it had a very special surprise in it.  It had a teddy bear inside that was going to tell everyone whether Baby #4 was a boy or a girl.  Earlier in the week I had had my 20 week ultrasound and we decided to share the news with the final present at the kids' party.
Everyone gathered around and we made the announcement that inside there was going to be either a blue teddy bear or a pink teddy bear and then Bubby and Sissy tore into their last present.
Right away Bubby looked in and yelled out "It's a Girl!"  You can see the pink bear in Sissy's hands.  It was a neat and fun way to share with the kids and with our family and friends the news.  Our Baby G will be a girl and we are beyond excited.  I have had the feeling from the get go that she was a girl.  Just a gut feeling.  Now we will have two of each.  We will have a boys room and a girls room.  We are just beyond thankful.
 After presents we then sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake. 
 Then it was time to cool off at the lake.
 Little G enjoying the sand.
 Unfortunately, he didn't just play with the sand....he also ate some.  This became apparent the next day in one of his diapers.
 You can see Sissy on the far left, and Mr. G as the life guard out there amongst all the boys.
 Some of the girls playing.
We enjoyed the party so much and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family and friends and celebrating two of our kiddos.  They are such a blessing in our life.  I'm still in shock that they are 5 and 3 but this age is also a lot of fun.  They still love hanging with their Mama and Dad and they see every day as an adventure.  We love you both so much and couldn't be more proud of you.

You can click the link below to see the video of the Gender Reveal.

Gender Reveal Video

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