Thursday, December 19, 2013

Teeth, Cereal, & Bathtime Fun

 The days are going way too fast and my lil joys are getting way too big.  Bubby is officially 2 1/2 and Sissy G will be 6 months old in a couple days.  This cannot be possible!!
 Sissy has two baby teeth in her mouth and she loves to use them.  If you put anything near her mouth you better know it's going in her mouth and it's going to be chomped on.
We also had our first bath time with the two kids together.  They loved it and it is something they look forward to every night now.
 All clean and all smiles.
Waiting patiently for her bubby to get washed up.
 We also started Sissy on cereal.
 She wasn't sure what to think at first....
 But seemed to enjoy what food stayed in her mouth.
 I think this girl is gonna be a good eater for me.
 Look at the excitement on her face.
 Then we started having some issues with the bib.
 She isn't used to having something around her neck.
 Guess this will take some getting used to.
 Silly girl!
 Getting more pictures the next day.
Back to my two sweeties.  I don't want to time to stand still but in a way that doesn't sound too bad.  Just imagine spending everyday from here on out with these guys.  Yep....that sounds pretty dog-on good to me.

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