Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This particular post isn't just about the Thanksgiving meal we got to enjoy but about the amazing time we had with our family over the last several weeks because that is what Thanksgiving is all about..
It had been since July that these two little ones had seen each other and a lot has changed since then.
They actually notice each other no.  Aren't they adorable.
I absolutely loved getting to hold my nephew and cuddle with him.  He is an amazing kid and was a joy to be around.
I was also glad that Bubby G got to spend time with his uncle from Kansas.  My brother and his family were in for a revival so this particular day we went early and spent some time with them in their hotel.
And this meant swimming for the boys.
It was hilarious watching them swim.
Here's my nephew and sister in law back in the hotel room.   I had a good time visiting with her and sharing parenting stories and advice.  We have a lot in common with our two lil ones only being 5 weeks apart.
Each evening we would get to enjoy revival together.
It was fun hearing my brother preach but it was also fun taking turns holding the little ones.
They were all passed around and everybody got a chance to enjoy them.
I'm not sure what Mr. G sees up there.
Nana getting her cuddle time.
And Gampa getting his beard tugged on.
My brother's family didn't get to stay long but we definitely enjoyed seeing them.  I sure am going to miss this sweet boy.
Some of the best quality family time we have is in the evenings while we all settle down on the floor to play.  It is nice to turn the TV off and just enjoy each other.
Silly Faces
Cuddle Time!
Unfortunately we went through about a week and a half of illness during our Thanksgiving time.  Bubby G ended up getting strep throat for the first time followed by a bacterial upper respiratory infection.  He was not himself for a long time.  All he wanted to do on this particular day was be wrapped up in his blanket and lay on the chair.  It broke my heart.
Sissy G showing off her sitting up skills.
A grin that can melt your heart instantly.
The weekend before Thanksgiving we got a visit from Grandma and Papa. 
A great picture of Papa and his granddaughter.
Even though Bubby G didn't feel the greatest he still really enjoyed playing puzzles with his Grandma.
More smiles with Grandma and Sissy G.
The Thanksgiving meal at my parents new house.  This picture was taken right after the prayer right as every one was starting to dig in.
The kids' table.  Love this picture.  You can also see part of the turkey all cut up in this picture.  Gampa actually cooked the turkey on the barbeque grill this year and it was delicious.
After dinner the kids had fun in the garage with their cars.  Bubby G still wasn't feeling great but he sure enjoyed playing in the garage.
The three girls hanging out.  Aren't they precious?
Sitting with Mozzie and talking up a storm.
Thanksgiving time we also celebrate Nana's birthday which is very fitting because I am very thankful for her.
I won't put her age on here but she is 30 years older than me.  (And I am 27)
Enjoying dessert and good fellowship.
Sissy wearing the turkey dress her Grandma got her for Thanksgiving.
More quality family time at home playing in Bubby G's room
These two are so sweet....
And silly.
Not sure what they are doing but it made for an interesting picture.
Bubby G playing the drums while I cooked supper.
And showing Sissy how to stack cans.
It cracks me up when I see these two sitting together watching TV.  Too sweet.
I sat Sissy in the chair for a second while I went and helped Bubby in the bathroom.  When I came back this is what I saw.  Completely conked out.
Thanksgiving Day we stopped by Nana and Gampa's to watch some of the Thanksgiving Day parade.  Bubby G loved the parade.
Laughing with Gampa.
Then we headed up north to do Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma and Papa and family.
The kids right away fell in love with Sissy.
I mean....REALLY fell in love.  It was hilarious.
There's our sweet nephew wearing his turkey shirt and all smiles.  I think this lil man smiled the entire time we were there.
The kids playing in my nephews room.
Grandkids with Papa wearing the turkey shirts Grandma made.  Couldn't get Bubby to smile.  He still wasn't feeling very good.
Our sweet Sissy G.
Just chillin' with daddy.
The boys enjoyed rough housing their Papa.
My nephew kept saying, "I wanna fight, Papa."  It was hilarious.
But eventually they tired out.
The gang sitting around visiting.
Before we left Sissy enjoyed a good book with her Papa.
She absolutely loved looking through that book.  I had no idea she would be so interested in books.  .
Giving his sister some lovin'.
Looking at the Christmas trees.
The kiddos getting ready to go.
And then when we got home I got out some books and the kiddos went to town reading.  Crack me up.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and once again we have so much to be thankful for.  Thank you, Lord, for our wonderful life and all the wonderful people in it.  But most of all thank you for your love and grace.  Thanks to you we not only get to spend a great Thanksgiving down here on earth but we also have an even better Thanksgiving waiting for us up in heaven with you.  And I can't think of anything better!  I love you, Lord!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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