Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

November 20 was finally the day when lil Ms Sissy G rolled over for the first time.  She was one day shy of being 5 months old. 
We have been trying for months but Sissy is so laid back that she was always perfectly content to just stay on her belly but today was different.
Happy girl!
First she started twisting her body this way and that.  I knew that she could roll over if she wanted was just a matter of if she wanted to.
Bubby was there for encouragement.
And to show her how to do it.  Apparently Marley wanted to join in on the rolling around fun too.
One last bit of advice and then....
She started twisting more.  She was so close but each time she would get this far she wouldn't go ahead and finish the roll.
Soooo close.
Finally she was able to complete the roll over and I feel blessed to say I got it on video.  Check out the video link below.  But remember that Sissy is very laid back and likes to take her time on things so it is possibly one of the slowest roll overs ever.

Rolling Over For The First Time

So proud of our lil girl. 
And so was Bubby G.  Giving her congratulatory hugs.  Rolling over comes and then next will be crawling and then walking and then before I know it she will be walking down the aisle..... this is NOT good.  She can slow down a lil with this whole growing up thing.

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