Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall at the St. Louis Zoo

Heading to the zoo with Nana and the two kiddos.  This was our first outing in my new Sit and Stand Stroller.
Sissy sitting in the front....
And Bubby in back.  He could either sit or stand...his choice...and he absolutely love it.  Bubby did fall a few times when he was standing and I took off with the stroller before he was ready but we eventually got the hang of it.
We went into the amphibian house first.  This animal had a weird name but we just called it a crocodile.
This thing was huge.  I am always amazed at how Bubby is never afraid of any kind of animal.
And either is Sissy G.  She was just hanging out in her new stroller enjoying the scenery.
Looking at another lizard.
Bubby joined in with all the kids running around looking at all the big snakes.
I got my cutie to sit still for a quick picture in front of the snake sign.
On to the monkey house.
Bubby loved watching the monkeys swing back and forth.
Nana and Bubby posing in front of a couple monkeys sitting in the tree.
Off to see more animals.
I had no idea we were going to be able to get this close to a giraffe.  It was pretty cool.
Hey pretty blue eyes....
There's that smile.
Walking around the zoo in the fall might have been one of the prettiest places I've seen.  They had fall decor all around and all the leaves had changed colors.  It was beautiful.
During one of our pit stops I tried to get a picture of the two kids together.
Poor Bubby G did a good job of holding Sissy considering she is probably only about 10 lbs less than him.
Giving a lil lovin'.
Can you see the peacock??
Checking in on the gorillas.
Grabbing a quick picture with my buckaroo!!

We saw a few sea lions popping up from time to time in the water but was a bit disappointed because they would never stay above water long enough for us to get a good look.
So we walked around to see if we could get a better look.
Then we found where you can look under the water.  Now we are talkin'!!
Keeping his eyes open for the sea lions.
I'd say we were finally able to get a better look.  Bubby was so excited.
Then we walked into a cave area and found this tunnel of water where you could see the sea lions swimming all around you.
It was awesome!!
(You'll notice in a couple pictures prior to this that Bubby G was wearing his hat and then in this picture he is not.  Yep....somewhere between those two pictures we dropped his hat without realizing it.  In fact we didn't realize it until we had walked about a mile away from the sea lion area, but I hustled back hoping nobody had taken it.  To my surprise, the hat had been picked up and placed on the side of the cave.  There are still some good people in this world)
Cheesing for a picture while in the tunnel.
The sea lions were swimming lightning fast passed us. 
This one was right above me kinda sunbathing.  It was absolutely crazy.
Eventually it was time to say goodbye to the sea lions, but it was probably my favorite exhibit.
Holding on in his new stroller.
About this time Sissy G conked out.
Climbing through another tunnel.
When we got to this area the only thing we noticed was the pretty fish.
Taking a picture by the fish.
Then all of a sudden a huge hippo would come swimming by.  Out of all the animals we saw the hippo swimming by is the one that Bubby G is still talking about.
Looking at the elephants.
Can you spot all three elephants?
After seeing pretty much all the animals Bubby G finally got his wish and we went on a train ride.  This is Bubby G with his ticket.  He kept calling it the dinosaur train.
Took a picture with my boy when we got on the train. 
He really enjoyed the train....for the first 5 minutes, but then he was ready to go back and see Nana and Sissy.  The issue was we had to wait 20 minutes before we even got on the train and then the train ride itself took 30 minutes.  By the time we were done and found Nana and Sissy it had been almost an hour.  That part was NOT fun....especially since Sissy had gotten hungry while I was gone.
After the train ride we went to the gift shop where Nana got Bubby a stuffed animal of his choice.  He chose a penguin.  Then we headed to the car.  It took all of 2 minutes before this boy was sound asleep.  Precious.  We had a blast at the zoo and I have a feeling we will be heading back again next year and by then Sissy will be running around looking at all the animals too. 

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