Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wacha and More

As some of you might remember about 3 years ago we adopted our dog Marley.  We found him in the middle of the road dirty, wet, matted, and covered in fleas.  We found his home but after witnessing the owner beat him and throw him in the cage with no food or water I decided to ask the man if I could take him home with me.  The man agreed and that is how we ended up with our sweet dog, Marley. 
Now there is another dog who has walked into our lives.  He too has been rescued from an abusive home.  His name was Wick and he is about 11 years old.  My mom is the one who found Wick and was able to get him out of the terrible home he was living in and two days ago Wick came to our house to stay.  We weren't a big fan of the name Wick so we renamed him Wacha....after the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher.
As you can well imagine Bubby G is crazy about Wacha.  He is already taking care of him by feeding him and taking him out to the bathroom.
He is a beautiful dog with just the sweetest eyes.
He's smart too.  I can tell him to go to bed and actually listens to me.
The first night at home with us and he was sound asleep sitting in my lap.
Just part of the family.
I don't know how long Wacha will live but I hope he finds rest and peace at our home for as long as he has left here on earth.
Moving on to some of the other major events in our lives.  Sissy G has now started to enjoy her dolls and stuffed animals. 
Holding onto her bear while sucking her fingers.
Here's Sissy G after her bath keeping a close eye on her....
Bubby G.  Gotta love that silly face.
After bath snuggles.
It's not very often I can get these two to sit still and look at the camera....
So I took advantage of it.
I want you to notice how nice and white and clean Sissy G's pajamas look.
Cuz the next morning this is what I woke up too.
And she thought it was the funniest thing.
Singing songs at church.
Playing with her Minnie Mouse.
Bubby G keeping a close watch on her.
Showing his Sissy how the toy works.
Who goes there?
Just chillin' next to her Minnie Mouse.
Some new things happened recently.  Bubby G drew on the wall for the first time as well as the couch.  Fun times.
Marley is actually sound asleep in this picture.
Enjoying some strawberry milk.
Chillin' in his lazy boy recliner watching some 'Toons.
Toppled over but she doesn't seem to mind.
Lil Miss Smiley here was sitting on the chair with her baby doll and kept flashing me the cutest grins....
So you're gonna be stuck seeing all the pictures I took.
This one is my favorite....
But they are all so stinkin' cute. 
Okay....last one...Promise.
Bubby G and Marley watching their morning cartoons together.
Sunday morning smiles.  I love when she scrunches her nose up like that.
Woke up with some crazy hair this morning.
Shocking....I know.
Here's a little better view of the crazy hair.
But as usual....she doesn't seem to mind one bit.
End of the day drawing time.  Bubby G has really gotten into drawing and Sissy likes .... well...anything Bubby G does.
So.... it was time to leave and I threw Bubby G his stocking hat and told him to put it on while I got Sissy's shoes on.  I turned around and this is what I saw.  We were running late but I had to take the time to snap a picture... it was just too cute.
Silly boy.
Helping mommy do laundry.
There's her smile.
Bubby G was helping too.
Helping mommy fold the clean clothes.
Then I thought...hey...why not dress Sissy up in some of my clothes.
Looking good Sis!
"Is my mommy nuts?"
Then we had more dressing up fun while we were getting supper ready.
Only this time it was Bubby G having the fun at Sissy's expense.
You know....the hat looks cute...but check out that belly.
If her jacket was red you could call her Little Red Riding Hood.
Bubby G taking my picture with his camera phone while I take a picture of him with my camera phone.
If I haven't said it before.... I sure do love my life!!!

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