Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick-Or-Treating 2013

After finally talking Bubby G into wearing his cowboy costume we headed out to our first stop, Mozzie and Papa's.  And boy, oh boy did she have some GOODIE bags  She not only had candy but also cookies for the lil guy....and even some for Mr. G.  Talk about getting spoiled.
We tried to take a picture of the kids with their great-grandparents but Bubby G wanted know part of it.
Although, while we were taking pictures he thought Sissy G wasn't holding her head quite right, so he fixed her head and then backed up to let me take more pictures.
Then we headed over to Nana and Gampa's.  He's got his hat in his if we could just get it on his head. 
Never mind.  Boppie's got it now.
My lil cowboy and cowgirl.
This one turned out blurry but it got them both smiling.
More pictures of Bubby and Sissy together. 
And one of just the cowgirl.
We are off to go house to house to get some candy....and lookie who's got his hat on.  This is the first time he's actually acting excited about having his costume on and going trick-or-treating. 
He really got excited the more candy he got.  Then he became addicted.
We went from house to house well into the evening.....even hitting some houses twice.  He had to of been cold and he had to of been tired but he sure didn't show it.
Going out again for more candy this time with Nana and Gampa.
And then going out again when some of his cousins came over.
And, guessed it....going out yet again....this time with Daddy!
Bubby G spent that next day with a fever and exhausted....but he slept it off and was ready to go for round 2 at the trunk-or-treat at church.
Sissy G didn't dress for the occasion....instead she dressed for the weather.  It was cold.
We had a fantastic turnout and everyone had a blast.
My two nieces and nephew came too which made it even more fun.
Snuggling up with Nana.
I had a bunch more pictures from that night and some how I have lost them.  Talk about frustrating.  Grrrrr.
Moving on to Round 3.  This time it was a Fall Festival at a friends church.  Mr. G got off work and rushed to meet us there.  That goes to show just how good of a daddy this man is.  It may seem like no big deal to you that Mr. G came to be with us at the Fall Festival but what you maybe don't realize is that he chose being with us over sitting at home watching the Cardinals play in the World Series. It definitely meant a lot to me and I know it did to the kids too.
At the Fall Festival Bubby G got a balloon animal....
And he played lots of games.... Here he was fishing for goldfish.
Playing ball toss....
Frisbee toss....
And pumpkin bowling.
Stopping to eat some candy in between games.
He even got his face painted.
He did such a good job sitting still....
And he was very proud of his spider.
And we can't leave out this sweet girl who sat in her stroller sucking on her fingers perfectly content the whole time.  Talk about a sweetie.
And last but not least....Round 4.  After a long day at the zoo (Pictures coming soon) we rushed home and threw his costume on again to hit a few of our neighbors houses.
And this cowboy didn't skip a bit.  The best part was when we would go up to houses instead of him saying, "Trick or Treat"....he would say, "I go Trick-or-Treat."  It was cracking me up. 
Unfortunately, we weren't able to get together with Grandma and Papa and our other little nephew.  Hopefully we will be able to see them soon and get a picture of the kids in their costumes.  Bubby G would love to go for Round 5.  He's already talking about what he wants to be next year for Halloween.

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