Thursday, December 19, 2013

How A 2 Year Old Eats Spaghetti

Right now spaghetti is Bubby G's favorite food.  He asks for spaghetti just about every meal so I thought I would share with you the "how to" when it comes to a toddler eating spaghetti.
 First you scoop up a huge amount of spaghetti onto your fork and open your mouth up really wide.
 Then you shove it in.
 You might have to use your hand to shove the rest of the spaghetti in.
 Then you stick your pacifier in while you chew.  Once you're done chewing then you take the pacifier out and...
 Set it to the side so you can get ready for the next bite.
 Sometimes a little spaghetti hangs out but that's okay.
 Remember...that's what your hands are for.
Already trying to be just like her Bubby.
Then you stick the pacifier back in your mouth so that you can wipe your hands off with your napkin.
 And you will probably need more than one napkin to get the job done.
 This is Bubby's biggest fan.
 This is the point where Bubby G realizes that he's too messy to keep eating so he must go and wash up.
 First you put the soap on your hands and then stare at it for at least 18 seconds.
 Then you start rubbing your hands together.
 Checking to make sure the soap was doing the job.
  Then you rinse off.
 And dry off.
 Can't be done till you show your mommy where the spaghetti went.

Once lunch is done then you must finish with a good long nap.
 And chances are Sissy G will follow suit.

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