Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am a little behind in my blogging... especially since its already November 6th and I am just now writing about Halloween.  Whoopsie.  What makes it even better is that we've already been listening to Christmas music in our house.  Mr. G turned it on a few days ago and we've been rockin it out ever since.....It's just more proof that I'm slacking a bit on my blogging.  But back to Halloween....
As is tradition....(This is last years picture)
 Baby G got his picture taken in his Halloween costume with Nana and Gampa.
 And then he got one with mom and dad, too.
 After pictures we went to a local retirement home where Baby G's great grandma lives.  There was a big line of residents  passing out candy when we got there.
 Baby G was checking out the ketchup bottle.  He got really good at taking everyone's candy.
 Here's Baby G with his great grandma.  She was so excited to see us and it was really cute watching her and Baby G talk.
 Then we headed back to Nana and Gampa's house for supper and trick-or-treating.  When everybody else got to the house we tried really quick for a cousins picture.....we almost got everyone looking.

 It didn't take long before the trick-or-treaters started arriving.
 Baby G enjoyed helping pass out candy....but there were a few costumes that sent him running...and honestly, I even thought they were really scary looking.  Luckily, I don't think he's had any nightmares from it.  Happy Halloween!!!!

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