Friday, November 9, 2012

Doggie Door Trouble

Supper was in the oven but we still had an hour to wait before it was done so we were enjoying that time by playing with Baby G.  Before long Baby G was tired of our games and toys and was ready to play with the cat.  So I opened up the cover on the doggie door, turned the camera on, and waited to see what Baby G would do.
 It didn't take long before Baby G figured out how to get the cat in the house.  But now that the cat was in the house we had to find her, catch her, and put her back outside.
 Baby G spotted her behind the old desk....
 But she was too quick for Baby G to catch.
 Baby G was loving this game.
 Then KitCat ran under the table...
 So Baby G was quick to follow.

 He found her!!!  But Baby G was again too slow to catch her.
Where'd she go now????
 Um....she's behind you Baby G!!!
Baby G then grabbed his toy snake...
 And was using it as bait to catch KitCat.
 He thought it was hilarious!

 I think KitCat thought it was a real snake.
Well....we had a really good time chasing KitCat through the house but it was time for KitCat to go back out in the garage.
 But Baby G wasn't real thrilled with that idea.  He right away started trying to lift the cover on the doggie door.
 When he couldn't get the cover off he looked up at me with those sweet eyes and said...."Please!"
 I was about to say 'yes' but then he got the door open himself.
 "Oh, KitCat.....Where are you???"
 Gotta give him credit for following through on what he started.
The little stinker!!!

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