Friday, November 2, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Despite the chilly weather the kids were really excited about this years trunk or treat.
 My two nieces were dressed up as Native Americans and were excited to pose for a picture with a cute lil Cardinal baseball player....aka Baby G.
 Baby G was sitting down minding his own business when all of a sudden...
 He was surrounded by three beautiful lil girls.  He didn't seem to mind.
 Then Baby G and his dad cuddled up....
 By the fire to keep warm.
 It looks like Baby G might've gotten a little too warm.  I think he's melting.

 How about some pictures from our adorable kids at church.  Here are two ninjas and a couple pretty witches....with heavy coats on, of course.
 We had an Indiana Jones...
 A skunk....which every time Baby G saw this pretty lil skunk he would say, "Woo Wee"
 We had Native Americans...
 Thomas the train and Percy....
 Here are the two witches....with heavy coats on....and Cleopatra. that ninja stealing the puffcorn????
We also had a cat...and a nerd with a fro....along with a few other adorable kiddos in costumes that I somehow forgot to take pictures of.  Whoopsie.

 I like this picture because it shows the whole clan gathered together for a prayer before we....

 The kids really enjoyed the food.
 Aren't these two cute.
 Who would've thunk that a Cardinal baseball player and a skunk would be friends.

 Since Baby G was dressed as a Cardinal baseball player we decided to decorate our trunk with Cardinal gear....

 Which made for a good backdrop for a family picture.

 Then it was time for the main event....Baby G and my nephew buddied up with Nana and Gampa as they started their trunk or treating.
 My nieces were having a blast ....

  Going through the line getting candy...

 Here's my nephew digging into someone's trunk for candy
 Baby G was waiting back with Nana for his turn.
 My nephew was really excited about the wiffle balls that Mr. G was passing out.
 On to get more candy.
 Even skunks need candy.

 Each trunk was filled with different and awesome candy for the kids to enjoy.
 We have an awesome church family.

 Still in search of candy.
 Aw...and there's sweet Baby G.  He was getting crabby by this point in the night.  It was cold and passed his bedtime.
 Then we got all the kids to huddle up for one big group picture.  This is one of the few that we got with Baby G actually in the picture....he kept wanting to run away.  After the picture we changed Baby G into his pjs, buckled him in his car seat, and headed home.  He was asleep before we left the parking lot.  What a wonderful, freezing, costume-wearing, candy-filled, christian fun night.

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