Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Morning

I used to dread mornings because it meant getting up super early, working out, and heading to work....but now I look forward to mornings because 
 I get to look at this precious face all morning long.  Yesterday morning we were blessed that Mr. G didn't have to be in at work until 9 so Baby G and I got to enjoy the morning with him too.
 Don't judge us....but all morning we played Christmas music.  It kind of felt wrong since it was almost 70 degrees outside....but we enjoyed it.  In this picture Mr. G is swaying Baby G to the tune of Santa Baby.
 Marley even got in on the fun....actually he just laid there and looked at us like we were crazy.  Can you see our sweet Baby G in the background?
One of the best parts about morning is that you can stay in your pajamas and bum around all you want.
Apparently you can even wear your shirt inside out and not have to worry about anybody knowing about it.....unless your wife enjoys blogging.....then you are stuck with the whole Internet community finding out.

Baby G Dancing to Christmas Music


Crystal Mendez said...

Very cool God bless

Mrs. G said...

Thanks Crystal!!! God bless you too!!!