Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mickey & His Girlfriend

On a previous post I shared with you a video of Mickey and his girlfriend....a big stuffed doggie slipper.  The other night while we were enjoying Game 7 of the World Series Mickey was enjoying his girlfriend again and I was able to get it on camera.

Mickey & His Girlfriend Video

If you have ever met Mickey you know that he is a scaredy-cat.  When he goes on walks the only thing he will chase after are butterflies.  He is very timid and very shy, but the other night when my nephew tried to take away his girlfriend, Mickey tried everything he could to save her.  My nephew is only 19 months old and so he had no idea what he was doing when he started grabbing this stuffed toy, but you could see the frustration written all over Mickey's face as his girlfriend was being dragged away from him.  Notice how Mickey will kiss his girlfriend to try and comfort her during this horrible tug-of-war.

Mickey Fighting For His Girlfriend Video

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Jackie said...

How CUTE!! My 14 month old daughter is the same way with her "baby". She won't let anything or anyone come between her and that toy!! lol..

Thanks for stopping by :)