Thursday, November 10, 2011

Honey Mustard

As soon as Mr. G walked in the door I had a present for him....actually, Baby G had a present for him.  Just moments before Mr. G arrived home from work Baby G had filled his pants....and when I say "filled"....I mean "FILLED."  At first we just saw the dark spot on the lower back part of Baby G's shirt....but once we lifted the shirt...
...we realized we were in big trouble.  I apologize if this picture is inappropriate or if it causes you to never want to eat honey mustard again.  We eventually came up with the game plan that Mr. G would hold Baby G up while I stripped him down.  Mr. G was complaining because he could smell it....but what he didn't understand was that not only was I smelling it, but while I was trying to remove Baby G's shirt some of it had gotten on me....that's when I ever so sweetly shared our son's 'honey mustard' with my husband by wiping it on his arm.  Just sharing the love.
We eventually got Baby G cleaned up, fed, and off to bed...but it sure made for a more eventful evening.


everythingisfree said...
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Jackie said...

LOLLL!!! Don't you just love those?? I use to just put my baby straight in the tub, blow-out and everything, and just work my way down, layer by layer, with the water running, lol :) *sigh* sometimes Luvs don't really show you any love!

Thnx for the visit, btw!

Mrs. G said...

Hahaha....Thanks Jackie!!!