Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hangin' with Daddy

Baby G and I were blessed to have Mr. G home all day today.  Mr. G never gets an opportunity to stay home very often because he works all week including Saturday and has church on Sunday, so when his boss recommended he take a day off because he has been working so much over time....he took advantage.  
 Baby G loved spending the morning with his daddy.
 He could ride along on daddy's shoulder all day if we let him.

Baby G and I let Mr. G sleep in on his day off so by the time Mr. G got up he only had about 30 minutes to play with Baby G before it was time for Baby G's morning nap.
 And Baby G (& Marley) slept good on mommy and daddy's bed.
 Then we headed outside to play.
 The two boys had a blast together.
 Baby G only had eyes for his daddy....
 He was hard at work trying to figure out how to get the two lil monkeys out of the plastic bubble.  Good luck with that, Baby G.
 Here they are counting the monkeys on the little flip pad on Baby G's exer-saucer.  Taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more.
 Once Baby G got tired of his exer-saucer the boys enjoyed a long talk.
 And a few kisses.
 In fact, Mr. G informed Baby G that he is going to be a very affectionate father.  He will be giving Baby G lots of hugs and kisses as he grows he better get used to it.  I love that about Mr. G.
 Nothing better than sitting on daddy's lap.
 Here Mr. G is teaching Baby G about fall and why the leaves all change color.  And after a long day full of fun with daddy Baby G, of course, needed another.....

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