Monday, October 31, 2011


It was INCREDIBLE.  One of the BEST sports moments in history.  A team who wasn't supposed to even be in the post season, let alone the World Series.  The St. Louis Cardinals were amazing us all....except for dad.  Back in April my dad said that we were going to win the World Series, but he says that every year, so I'm not sure it counts.  We were about to lose....we were supposed to lose....we were playing bad enough that we should've lost....but we won.  I was able to tape the reaction of my family just moments after the big win.

Unfortunately, the game went into extra innings so we all got to bed after midnight.  Which meant the next night, Game 7, we were all lil tired.

 Here is my sister-in-law and my nephew sound asleep at about the 6th inning.

And, of course, Baby G was knocked out, as well.

Here's the lil girls sitting with their Nana during the final moments before the big win.  Game 7 wasn't as exciting because we were ahead most of the game, but I was still able to catch the reaction of my family when we made the final out.

Game 7 Video

We now can tell Baby G that the year he was born the Cardinals won the World Series.....Absolutely Incredible.

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Becky Jane said...

My husband was away on a trip but he watched it and came home so excited to tell me all about was a great ending!

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