Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seriously Rolling Over

Baby G has been spending a lot of time in his jumper and probably not enough time on his belly so today we spent a lot of the morning doing tummy time.  Baby G's legs are very strong from the jumper but because he hadn't rolled over yet I wanted to focus on that.  It didn't take long before Baby G mastered this milestone.  
And praise God I had my camera ready.
 The look of a champion just before the big moment.  Grrrrrr
Actually...the sound I was hearing at this point was Waaaahhhh....but I like to make him sound tough.
 "Ok, Mom....you ready for this?"
 "I am seriously about to roll over.  I can just feel it in my bones."
 "Oh boy, I'm half way there."
 "Just stopping for a little breather!"
"Peace of cake.  My shirt might say 'Mommy's Rookie' but I am an ole pro at rolling over now."
I love how in the video Baby G puts his fists up in the air as if he has just won a victory.

Seriously Rolling Over Video

We are so proud of you, Baby G!!!!

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