Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going Swimming

 Obviously, this picture is not Baby G going swimming, but I thought it was a cute one of him playing in his exer-saucer yesterday morning.  I figured you wouldn't mind.
 Now we are at the pool....aka the kitchen sink.  This is not something we had ever done before so Baby G was looking at me like I was crazy..  Truthfully I had just read that baby's around 4 months old like to splash in the water so I thought we could go swimming in the sink for fun.  That's what happens when you read a mommy magazine.  And in case you are wondering....those are not dirty dishes in the is just your imagination.  The counter top is actually completely cleared off and sparkling from how clean it is.
 Just hanging out at the pool with his toys.
 I didn't notice it till later but we had knocked over the dishwashing liquid in the background and I found it all poured out on the counter when I came back to clean up.  Whoopsie.
Baby G would like to invite all of you over for the next pool party.  See you then.

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Khadija said...

what time's the party??! lol :)