Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby G's First Haircut

I apologize in advance for the massive amount of pictures that I am putting on here of Baby G's first haircut.  I don't think I missed a thing.
 Here we are heading to the Barber Shop.  He has no clue what is about to happen to him.

 I wanted to take a few last pictures of his beautiful baby hair before he looks all grown up.
 He sure does have a lot of crazy hair.
 Here's Baby G waiting for his turn in the Barber Shop.  Pretty sure he was the only one waiting with drool on his chin and a stuffed monkey in his lap.
 And he was a few years younger than the other customers.
 Apparently this is the same Barber Shop that Mr. G used to go to when he was a little boy with his dad.

 And then it was we whipped out the handy dandy Bumbo so that he could sit up like a big boy while he got his hair cut.
 At this point I was getting a little teary eyed wondering if I was making the right decision.  He's my baby boy.  Not even 4 months old yet and he is already losing his precious baby hair.  I took a minute to buck up and then I was ready to go.
 Bye Bye hair.
 First the barber cut off a lot of the long pieces to save for us.  How is it that Baby G already looks way older.
 Now the barber is showing Baby G the clippers hoping that he won't be scared of them.  She even lets him feel the vibration of it.  I want to add that she was an amazing barber and I felt so comfortable with her.  She was so good with Baby G and so careful.
 Have I apologized yet for getting so many pictures.  I wonder if I will do this will all the children God blesses us with or if it is just a first time mom thing.
 Doesn't he look all grown up.  The barber was amazed at how good he was with sitting still and not crying once.
" Mmmm...this cape tastes good."
 What a big boy.
 No...he's not yelling for help.  He's just wanting to get the cape back into his mouth.
 Spray down.
 Got to love the comb over.
 Some of these next pictures are my favorite.
 Where did my baby go?
 I miss my baby.
 He might not look like a baby anymore but I am reminded of how much fun he is going to be as a little boy.
 Almost finished.
 Looking sharp big guy.
 A few final touches.
 A few more bites of the pretty yellow cape that is now covered in hair.  Yum!!
 More clippers.  Again giving Baby G a chance to see what is about to touch his head.
 He was such a good boy but is starting to look a little bit tired.
 Got to get the back trimmed up too.
 Combing down some loose hairs.
 And 'VIOLA' .... Baby G is a brand new man.
 A handsome man if you ask me.
 Here he is with his new friend....the barber.  I have a feeling we will be seeing her quite often.  She mentioned that Baby G is the youngest baby she has ever cut and he had the most hair for a baby she has ever seen.  So...Yeah...I'm betting we see her a lot.
And one final shot with me and my little boy in front of The Barber Shop.
Even though my baby doesn't look the same I had so much fun and love the way it looks.  Have I said lately how much I LOVE being a mom.
You guys didn't really think this was the end did you?  I still have a video to show you of the very first snips.  Notice how Baby G keeps his eyes on his daddy the whole time.  So cute.

Baby G's First Haircut Video

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Elisabeth said...

He DOES have alot of hair! My son is 15 months old and doesn't have that much hair :D