Monday, October 10, 2011

Punkin Patch

We had an opportunity to pick punkins the other day at a small town orchard and as usual I was able to snap a ton of pictures.  I will admit that Baby G was not in his usual photogenic mood.  Could be because I woke him up when we got to the punkin patch so he wasn't fully awake.....or he was aggravated at me for waking him.  

 This one looks like he his thinking really hard about something really intelligent.  He's such a smart kid....just ask me, he's unbiased Mama.
 Remember me saying he was tired...
 Sometimes Mr. G and I get looks from Baby G that makes us believe he thinks we are crazy.  Like I said...Smart kid.
 Finally we get a smile.  Too bad his beautiful blue eyes are closed.
 This one cracks me up.  So Serious!!!
 It almost looks like he's standing on his own.
 Here he actually is standing on his own, but it only lasted about 3 seconds.
 While we were looking at the punkins and taking a ton of pictures of Baby G there was road construction going on right next to us.  We were kind of aggravated at first because it was loud and stinky, but then a sweet construction worker came over and asked if we wanted him to take a picture of all three of us together.  What a nice guy.  Let me add that the road construction really wasn't that bad.

 Just me and dad.
 Baby G is so comfortable in his daddy's arms....It's adorable.
 Poor guy is still a little sleepy.
 But he was a trooper and kept taking pictures for us....but he was not going to smile about it.
 My sweet lil boy.
 No matter how hard we tried we could not get a smile.

 That might be a little bit of a smile.
 Hey, now he's getting happy.
 Or maybe he's just putting up with us.
 Well, we piled all our punkins in the trunk of our car and headed to my folks house to watch the Cardinal game.
 Baby G's uncle and cousin were all decked out ready to cheer on the Cardinals, who won 1-0, by the way, for the NLDS.
 While we watched the game me and my two nieces painted a couple punkins.  I think this one is a princess.
They did a great job, don't ya think?  It was a fun fall day.


Malia said...

adorable!! thanks for stopping by...i'm now following!

Michelle said...

How adorable! He is such a handsome little one!

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Mikki said...

I love these pics! He is such a little man!

Thanks so much for joining the Flock Together hop yesterday. I look forward to reading your posts.