Monday, October 17, 2011

Punkin Painting

So after we took pictures in the leaves we decided to paint punkins.  In previous years Mr. G and I would each paint a punkin near the beginning of October, but our nights are full now enjoying our lil boy that painting punkins just hasn't been a priority like it used to be.  But I didn't want Baby G to miss out on the tradition of painting punkins this year so before dinner we sat down and Baby G painted his first punkin.
Not showing too much excitement yet.
 Let me add that just recently did Baby G start to get ticklish and I think this is one of his most ticklish spots.
 He couldn't stop smiling.

 Once I got the foot painted it was time to put it on the punkin.
 You got to smash it in really good.  After we did the foot we then did his hand.  We were unable to get any pictures of this because we were making sure that Baby G didn't put his paint covered hand in his mouth.  Safety before blogging.

Here's the finished product.  I think Baby G did a pretty good job if you ask me....especially with the letters.  It was another fun fall day with new family fall traditions being passed on to lil Baby G.  Even though he won't remember his first punkin painting it was an experience I will never forget.....


Jen said...

Love love love the idea! Makes me wish I had little ones again so I could do this!

Mrs. G said...

Thanks. It was so much fun. Too bad the punkin won't last forever :)

Becca said...

I agree, this is a really cute idea! Thx for following me & I'm following you now!
Becca (theABCkidZ)