Monday, October 3, 2011


 Baby G slobbers..... A LOT!!!  I am not saying this to be mean.  I am sure that it has to do with teething and his incapability to swallow all the excess saliva that is traveling through his mouth.  But either way.... he slobbers.
"Unbelievable, Mom!  I definitely do not slobber!"

Um....I beg to differ.  Is that Santa Clause with a white beard or just Baby G with a fountain of slobber dripping from his lips? 
 " I've slobbered once or twice, but do I really need to wear this bib?"
 "Hey, never mind!  This bib is awesome.  I can just wipe my mouth whenever I drool a little and I will be good as new."

 "And if push comes to shove and I am in desperate need of a dry mouth I can just plug the hole with my pacy." you are one happy, dry faced boy!!!!  And might I add... absolutely adorable, too!!

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