Friday, February 17, 2012


Every Thursday Baby G, my nephew, and I head over to my grandma and grandpa's house to spend the morning and eat lunch.
 The boys are always excited to go.
 Oh...Baby G wanted to show you his favorite book....he read it on the way to grandma and grandpa's.  Actually, they both slept on the way to grandma and grandpa's... as they always do.

 My nephew loves playing with all the balls at grandma and grandpa's house and I must say that he has the best fast ball I have ever seen from a 21 month old.... unfortunately he is usually aiming for grandma's head.  As grandma would say, "Man....that kid just doesn't miss" as another ball smacks her in the head.  She absolutely loves it.
 This was one of the first times that Baby G was all over the place getting into everything at grandma and grandpa's house.
 For a long time he would just sit there but not anymore.  He's a moving boy.
 "Are you proud of me, grandma?"
 It took everything grandma had to hold on to Baby G because he was wanting to just take off walking.
 Now, this is a classic picture.
 Finally grandpa gets in the picture which is ironic because if he is not in the room my nephew will pretty much say "Papa...Papa...Papa" until he comes back.  He loves playing cars with papa.

 What you can't see in this picture is that the whole front of his shirt is soaked, and there are puddles of drool all over the floor.... Baby G is definitely teething.
 This picture was taken right after lunch and again you can't see it but Baby G has food all over his face and stuck in his eyelashes and eyebrows.  It was so cute but it seemed to take me all day to get it all off.
We always have a great time with grandma and grandpa.  Thursdays have become very special days in the G household.

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