Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandma & Papa Came For a Visit

This last weekend we were able to spend some time with Mr. G's folks...aka - Grandma & Papa.
 Before they arrived I decided to take a few pictures of my two boys.
 Grandma and Papa couldn't believe how much Baby G had changed since the last time they saw him.
 Baby G hadn't seen Grandma and Papa in a while but once they got down on the floor and started playing with him he warmed up real fast.
 He loved rolling the worm back and forth with his Papa.
 And occasionally he would turn my way and flash one of his famous ornery smiles.
 Surprisingly Grandma and Papa forgot their camera so they both had their phones out to take pictures.
 Baby G was talking a blue streak and was cracking them up.
 Papa and Baby G had a good time playing on the floor.
 Baby G has gotten good at pulling himself up and loves to grab the remote controls off of the coffee table.  He decided to show Grandma and Papa his talent.
 Baby G was one happy boy with his Grandma close by and a ball in his hand.
 Grandma and Papa started called Baby G "Bam Bam" because he loved to pound the table with whatever he had in his hand.

 Baby G started walking while he was holding on to the coffee table and he would go back and forth to Papa then me.
 So we decided to let him show Grandma and Papa how well he can walk pushing his walker.
 Baby G was very proud of himself and thought it was hilarious that he was walking.
 We got a quick picture after he fell down with Mr. G's hat on.
 Then the sweet boy started crawling my way.
 For dinner we went to Applebees.  Baby G was a very good boy playing with his toys and eating his food and was still talking a blue streak....and let me tell you, when Baby G talks it isn't quiet....so most of the restaurant got to enjoy his jabbering.
 When it was time to go Baby G gave Grandma and Papa one last hug....
 and kiss.
Baby G had a blast hanging out with his Grandma and Papa for the evening.

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wait until the sunset said...

what a gorgeous family you have!

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset