Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby Mum Mum's and More

Trying out her first Baby Mum Mum.  It is basically a rice husk with a slight (and I mean slight) hint of banana that is suppose to almost instantly melt in the mouth.
She knew exactly what to do with it.
The only problem was...when she took her first bite a piece melted and stuck to her lip.
I think she knew that it was there....
But she didn't quite know what to do about it.
Big brother tried to help and eventually...
She took another bite and it got that dangling piece off.
That's much better.
I think the Baby Mum Mum's were a big success.
Looks to me like she loves them...
" you really need to take anymore pictures?"  
Yes I do.  How about one of the two of them.  Can you tell I'm standing next to the tv cuz I can't get either one to stop looking at the tv and to look at me.
A little bit later we worked some more on crawling.
Here's Bubby being an encouragement.  Have I ever said just how amazing of a big brother he is??? He's seriously unbelievable.
Looks like we are just going to scoot back words today.  We will save crawling for another day.
We also brushed our teeth for the first time but I couldn't brush and take pictures at the same time so this is the only picture I got.  But she definitely enjoyed the teeth brushing experience.
Time for a quick bath in the sink....I think Sissy is trying to figure out how to get her hands on that cabbage patch doll she sees in the mirror.
I sure do love this girl.  Can you believe she turned 7 months old yesterday???  She also has a top tooth poking through.  Next thing I know she's gonna be asking for the keys to the car.  Have I ever mentioned that I am seriously praying that they raise the age limit on getting your license.  I'm hoping to get it up to 30.

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Lauren said...

She really does look like a little Cabbage Patch doll! What a sweetheart.