Friday, January 17, 2014

Having Fun In Our New Apartment

We got the keys to our new apartment yesterday so we took the afternoon to go and check the place out and bring a few things.
Bubby helped Daddy put together our outdoor storage container.
It was pretty cute to watch and I think Bubby really enjoyed helping his Dad...
But not as much as he enjoyed playing in the boxes we had left over.  Gotta love Sissy just chillin' in the background.
Enjoying the soft carpet.  Our house has only laminate so this will be a nice change for her as she starts....
Crawling.  No...she's not crawling yet...but I can see it happening in the near future.
And she's pretty happy about it.
She wanted so badly to crawl to her daddy.  It won't be long.
While the grown ups worked the kids played.  I always have to keep a close eye on Bubby....Sissy can take quite a bit but she usually needs my help to tell Bubby to be more careful.  This was one of those times....after I took a picture, of course.
Bubby finally convinced me to take a break from working and to take a ride in his car....aka...a cardboard box.  This is a picture of us sitting in his car.  Maybe when he's 16 we will get him a bigger cardboard box so he can have a bigger car.  But that's a definite maybe.
We will be painting this weekend and moving in next weekend to our new place.  Getting very excited!!


Susan Scott said...

Awww! It's nice to see the family enjoying a pleasant day together. Bubby looks like he loved helping out. He looks so adorable inside that lenghty box. Hahaha! I'm sure Sissy really wanted to give a hand as well. Anyway, I hope everybody's enjoying the new apartment. All the best! :)

Susan Scott @ Newington Lake House

Mrs. G said...

Thanks so much!! We definitely enjoyed the apartment and all the fun of moving. The kids thought it was the greatest!! :)