Monday, January 6, 2014

Taking Pictures in the Snow

Bubby wanted to go out in the snow so I thought why not get Sissy out too for some pictures.  I knew she wouldn't last longer than a couple minutes, but she honestly started crying as soon as we put the heavy coat on her.  I knew at that point that the majority of our pictures were going to be of her crying.
Not Crying....
Almost crying....
The colors were so pretty, though, out in the snow.  But....she is still crying.
Now there is a smile!!
Side-steppin' it.
Statue pose!
He is all smiles in the snow!!
I might be framing a few of these pictures!
I tried to snap a few more of Sissy....
But all she wanted was to go inside and get that coat off.
So I scooped her up after this picture and took her inside to warm up while Bubby stayed out to play some more with Daddy.
I stripped her back down to her pj's and she started sucking my thumb.
It didn't take long before she was asleep.
I wonder if she's dreaming about snow???

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